Zulutrade mirror trading platform where forex traders trade for you – see closed trades list

Zulutrade mirror dealing system where forex dealers trade for you – see closed deals list

What is ZuluTrade?

zulutrade forex signal provider open account
The ultimate goal of the ZuluTrade is to deliver a unique service that creates a bridge of info in the trade performance and the finances markets. It does it by expressing the advice of experienced traders from around the world to your dealing account automatically.

An easy yet excellent idea!

There was a period when foreign currency trading was contemplated as a headache. Nevertheless, it isn’t due to the fact that now you don’t need to put yourself in any long calculation as expert dealers from around the planet will do this task for you. What you have to do is to pick a professional from the list given by the ZuluTrade system, and it’ll be linked to your account automatically. Most importantly, all of this unique service is completely free of charge. This is actually due to the fact that the ZuluTrade platform gets a special refund from the brokers for the produced discount and splits.

Who will place the deals in my own account?

The question is that do all the professionals have info on my account? The answer is that not one of the suggested dealers is ever going to have any information regarding your personal account. ZuluTrade ensures that after acquiring all the information, the suggested one is just shared with your live account. All of this is carried out by the ZuluTrade and none of the data is leaked out as no human is required in the whole process.

How to start?

To start, all you have to do is give ZuluTrade the account number and the name of the dealer with whom you’re working. Then you need to sign and fax the LOD which is the necessity from the broker’s side. This is required so that expert’s help and advice can be connected to your live account. If you have never encountered such a service, then first you have to create an account on ZuluTrade which only takes a couple of minutes to finish.

zulutrade forex signal provider open account
Are the results theoretical?

ZuluTrade always makes sure that all the performance shows the actual condition of the market. When an indication is received, it’s being examined by at least one live account of the broker account. The result consists of swap rates, final spread, gain or loss from the open account positions, and all the possible costs by the broker. Following the study of said elements, it can be stated with confidence that ZuluTrade reflects the actual condition of the market.

ZuluTrade with New Functions

ZuluTrade is a recognized foreign exchange website which helps the dealers to follow the brokers without having to pay any kind of fee. Upon following a particular broker, his deals are automatically performed in your personal account. This unique and protected function is receiving massive attention amongst traders and turning into the main reason for the popularity of ZuluTrade.

ZuluTrade was the first system to provide such a service, and therefore it’s enjoying the journey of first-mover advantage. What makes this website even more appealing is the large number of signal providers as well as the followers. By signing up an account for signal supplying, everything on this system is very straightforward. The performance time is extremely fast and there are hardly any complaints about it.

Listed below are some of the new functions provided by the ZuluTrade.

Email notifications: Dealers who are using the live accounts now have got the possibility of receiving notifications via email when:

• A daily routine account statement.
• When a comment is submitted on the signal provider who’s currently in your ratings list.
• If your chosen signal provider is getting worst feedback in contrast to the past.
• The signal provider who has done using their live trading account with our system.
• On updating your profile configurations.
On the signal providers’ page, following are the charts that are included:
• Trade result per 7 days.
• Overall number of deals opened in a single day.
• Chart displaying ranking history.

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