Zulutrade mirror trading forex platform overview – video and review

Review of ZuluTrade Auto Trading Forex Platform

Zulutrade was established in 2006, and today it is the leading global auto trading destination. It has an accumulated investment of $15 billion by more than 10,000 traders and over 30,000 accounts.

Plus points of Zulutrade:
• A highly easy to use classification system for choosing optimal signal.
• 24 by 7 auto trading on the Forex market.
• Web interface allowing signal execution even in offline mode.

What Does Zulutrade Stand for

ZuluTrade has been successful in bridging the gap between the helpful data on money markets and trade execution. It has created a platform that takes up advice from professional and successful traders from around the world for trades that get executed fast and automatically in a trader’s account that is created via a Forex broker.

For most novice traders, trading was a difficult thing in the past. However, ZuluTrade has made things easier now with its successful auto trading system. As a trader, there is no need for you to learn or keep an eye on the market. When it comes to making the right choice in the market, it is done by professional experts from around the world. You have to just choose the experts and rest of the job is done y ZuluTrade without charging you anything.

Privacy of your Account Information

Zulutrade never reveals any of your account information to any of its trading experts. They would just get all their advices and recommendations, check the expert traders you have subscribed to and then decide to autotrade on your account when you require it. Therefore, the professional and successful traders never come in contact with your account.

ZuluTrade makes this analysis and starts the process through your broker. In fact, ZuluTrade acts as a server base having proprietary engines that work automatically without any human intervention.

Taking Advantage of ZuluTrade

If you want to take advantage of ZuluTrade’s features, start today by opening an account. The performance of ZuluTrade is tested by experts using a demo account. In fact, each signal received by ZuluTrade is tested through at least one Live or demo account. Usually, the results have final spreads, swap rates, profit or loss from present positions and eventually all the possible prices offered by brokers. There can be variations in the results based upon the market conditions. However, the results always display the genuine conditions on the market. Thus, there is no reason why a trader should not take advantage of the auto trading system that ZuluTrade is.