Windsor Brokers Review

Windsor Brokers forex broker review
Windsor Brokers is known as a Forex broker providing over seventy financial trading tools including futures and also Forex. Indeed there is not a doubt which the organization does a brilliant job in the field of marketing their web site together with the shiny design and smart slogans regarding its various services. Go through the whole review of the Windsor Brokers to find out whether or not a scam of the Windsor Brokers really exists or not or whether or not the organization is really involved in such rip-offs, whether or not it can deliver just what it promises or not.

This organization was actually established in the year 1988 with its headquarters found in Limassol, Cyprus. The optimal leverage of the particular business is mostly about 1:500 and the minimum size of the deposit is documented as 100 dollars. The minimal scale of the dealings this business handles is about 10,000. The various languages found are Greek, English, Russian, Arabic, Farsi and Russian. The rules of the particular business are MiFid, AMF, Cysec, Bafin and also FSA.
Windsor Brokers
Trading platform
The Windsor Brokers offers a particular option involving the widespread Meta Trader system 4 and also developing Meta Trader system of trading. We started our review of Windsor Brokers by analyzing their Meta Trader 4 system, because up to today it’s the most well-liked selection among the different experienced dealers. In the initial appearance, the organization’s MT 4 trading system worked in a different way than all MetaTrader systems which we have analyzed up to now. Mostly as a replacement of the dealing platform being constantly populated with various arranged charts and information, the Meta Trader 4 system provided by the Windsor Brokers requires dealers to choose their trading charts for the objective of displaying the most important info.
Even though it took a while to find the process of customizing an user interface, when it was completely done, it ended up being regarded as a pleasurable feature. Once the whole process of setting it up was completed, the Meta Trader 4 trading system worked in a particular efficient way like other kinds of similar configurations. The MT4 dealing platform of the Windsor Broker is even found in the standard as well as smart phone versions to ensure that most of the enthusiastic traders can deal at any time.
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Windsors broker’s MT4 system
Setting up the MT5 dealing platform ended up being quite slower in comparison to the installation process of the MT4 dealing system however there happened to be a few steps for setting it up making the entire procedure unexpectedly easier as well as simpler. The trading platform called MT5 trading platform worked better than expected therefore we suggest this sort of trading system just for advanced traders who are able to take advantage of numerous kinds of charting devices as well as indicators this system offers. On the second day when we had been examining the dealing system, Metatrader 5 system, we came across some kind of connection problem but the patient team of the chat support were able to resolve every one of these problems to ensure that we are able to start dealing.
Main features
In this review of Windsor Brokers, we came across numerous features that appear to be utilized for several reasons. Possibly the most significant thing is the fact that the brokerage offers 5 different kinds of dealing accounts to ensure that the traders can choose one that will in turn meet their demands in a better way.
While some Forex investors like for instance, eToro account options, there is no doubt that the Windsor Brokers make a great effort in responding to the demands of every trader. In a similar way, we were captivated to obtain not only things that the Windsor Brokers provide to the chat supporting group, a service not offered by any of the other leaders in the industry such as Dukascopy, however usually they have a chat agent which appears whenever you’re online, to help speed up the procedures. According to us, this excellent service is comparable to a salesman working in a retail shop which saves you longs hours of internet browsing by providing what you may be looking for.
Essentially, it should be said that the Windsor Brokers also provides an opportunity to trade different types of things with Forex, such as expensive energies as well as metals, indices, professional services that most of the Forex traders don’t provide. As the analysis of these kinds of services is impossible for the Windsor Brokers review, they are priceless chances for the traders searching for a particular opportunity via which they can diversify.
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Customer Service
Windsor Brokers assures that dealers enjoy the advantages of the chat feature given by them for clearing up most of the common questions and also throughout the review we also had the opportunity to utilize this service often. We were very pleased with the level of service and in addition with the knowledge as well as experience every employee had shown, even at times when difficult questions were asked regarding the fundamental function of the trading systems. At some point, the response of the agent had been slow but was intending to supervise this small issue for swapping reliable answers.
The organization even offers email contact information and mobile numbers for the dealers looking for substitute types of customer support. You won’t find any international toll free number but you will definitely find an option to receive a call from a deparment of your preference should you not want to contact the Cyprus office of the company in a direct way. You can easily send an e-mail to certain departments, which therefore will help in reducing the time it takes for a reply. In our investigation e-mail to the Windsor Brokers, we got a pertinent respond in just 49 minutes, which is considered as a decent time period.
Ease of Use
Registering for the Windsor Brokers account begins with a disclaimer that might take 10 mineutes and we came to understand that it specific claim is entirely correct. Registration involves questions, signing off on different disclaimers and habitual forms as well as submission of the valid recognition form. The identification form can feel succumbed on the internet or else via mail or fax. In comparison to certain forex dealing brokers that provide instant dealing, the organization, Windsor Brokers requires account validation right before starting to deal. The demo accounts need to be validated by submitting an email account prior to registering for the demo account. The advanced safety tactics protracted the process of registering in certain ways but also offers some sort of sense of safety to the entire brokerage.
As the Windsor Brokers use a standard Meta Trader dealing platform, the actual dealing process was easy. Even though the company doesn’t offer a trading platform for amateurs, it offers dealers a reasonable amount of experience in Forex dealing.
Windsor Brokers don’t offer the cheapest spreads found but those things in which it lacks in this area are responsible for transparency. We were quite impressed with the fact Windsor Brokers offer all the important upfront information so you don’t get any kind of surprises during the course of the dealing process.