Why should you Trade Currencies and become forex trader ?

Previous night, the stock market of China increased by nearly nine per cent, giving rise to a chain reaction through nations like New York, Europe and Asia. Chief players started selling as soon as the trading market was opened. If you were trapped in the sell-off of the stock market today, the long positions would average huge losses. Some stocks were unscathed.
It is not a good sight. Some of the folks will lick their wounds for several months. Shortly, several traders, including the professionals, panicked at news with impermanent but overwhelming effects. In distinction, for most part this was business as general for Forex. One might have heard the currencies are totally sensitive to news and this is definitely true. Though, the “news” nearly comes in form of the scheduled economic report and an offered report generally affects a certain currency group. For instance, Bank of England Rate Statement will have an impact on British Pound, which in turn causes the cross currency pair, euro, pound, dollar, pound and Yen or Pound for reacting a lesser or greater degree.
The main thing is, an economic report calendar is found on the Internet and nearly all the traders acquainted with it. Therefore, they could plan ahead for the news which might impact their recent positions. They could even not plan to do the trading during a time the news report is programmed for releasing. Or, they can also plan for trading the reaction of currency pair to report. In simple words, the thing is “news” is defined as the dissimilarity between numbers expected by experts and real numbers that are released in the trading report.
Though most of the exchanges were affected, currency influenced by the stock market of China debacle was Yen that strengthened all the cross currencies, Japanese Yen, Aussie Dollar, Euro and Yen, Dollar and Yen. If you trade with Forex trading profit pro, as one will see, will not be in the long position previous night and would have set for a small position in any of the pair of currency. I will like to show this particular fact with a real story.
Liesel, the client service manager started paper trading with the Forex trading Profit Pro in the month of July during 2006. By the coming of October, she felt that she must go live and started a mini account. She traded live for nearly four months and has done well. Let us have a glance at how had she done with Yen/Pound trading that started last night at nearly 23:00 EST. For one’s convenience in trading, numbers in notes correspond to numbers given in the chart.

• Any type of long trade will exit by the point
• Leaving the selling signals as logical option
• Liesel made an entry in the trading market at about 236.22
• For preserving the profit towards the end of trade, Liesel had tightened the stop loss to about thirty pips and then stopped at nearly 231.30.
• Her entire profit on the deal was about 492 pips.
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