What you can learn at Forex seminar – Instaforex

An educational seminar was conducted by the InstaForex Company on the 24th of October in the Company’s new offices in KLCC, Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lampur. Beside the representatives if InstaForex Company, several of the renowned Forex lecturers took part in the seminar.
The lectures discussed in their speeches the important Forex subjects like:
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• Identifying and profiting from the high probabilistic patterns of market through use of Japanese Renko charts was discussed by Prof. Ismail Muhammad.
• Productive trade with adjustable process of creating strategies was discussed by Prof. Choon Koon Lip
• Systematic and safe trade was discussed by Prof. En Asri
• Elliot Wave’s basics were discussed by Prof. Muhammad
Every visitor of the seminar received a bonus of 50USD credited to their InstaForex trade accounts while the luckiest 5 guests won 5 trade accounts with initial funds of 500USD while one of the guests also won an iPod.