What is Earned Income Credit – EIC

Earned Income Credit by Federal G overnment of USA

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Definition Of The (EIC)

EIC that stands for Earned Income Credit is also recognized as the Earned income Tax Credit (EITC). It is being run by the the United State of America’s federal government of the United State of America. The purpose of this program is fighting against the poverty and give work incentive to people. The EIC is beneficial for both individuals and families, whose income is low to moderate. Working families especially with children are being helped by EIC.For the united states residents, Massachusetts has have its owndepartment of Earned Income Credit that is equivalent to 15 percent of the federal EIC.

Am I Eligible For Earned Income Credit?

The eligibility criteria is that anyone, who has worked , through the tax year, can qualify for it, and must have net income below the income limits of the EIC and he or she has fulfilled tax return and other eligibility requirements. Moreover , one has a qualifying or without qualifying child meet specific rules for workers.
Amount Of The EIC That worker Can Get
The EIC ‘ grant is given on the following basis:
I. Low to moderate income.
II. Marital status.
III. Qualifying children. (The workers who have had one or more kids are eligible to get more EIC than the workers without kids).
Moreover, EIC of the Massachusetts is extra 15% of the EIC amount by the USA federal government.
How Can Claim the Earned Income Credit?

Who intends to claim Federal EIC must have to file Federal income tax returning by April 15, with the department ( IRS) that stands for Internal Revenue Service. Whether or not one has yet to be paid any taxes. If anyone has one or morethan qualifying kid, is eligible for Schedule EIC. Forms can be downloaded from sites, (VITA) or can be gotten by mail, by post office, libraries, telephone. Free help offer is available to tax filers at VITA sites.

Advance of Earned Income Credit (Repealed)

By advance EIC method workers could take Earned Income Credit money as regular salary during the whole year , instead of getting a lump sum at tax time. But Advance EIC was made invalid by act of 2010. That Act converted into law on 10th August, 2010. In Result Advance EIC payments were stopped at 31, December 2010.
Earned Income Credit of Massachusetts

The Massachusetts EIC lessens taxes of the Massachusetts’s families who have low income. Residents of Massachusetts who qualify for the Federal EID are automatically getting qualified for Earned income Credit for the Massachusetts t on the basis of their filed state tax returns.

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