What Are the Unemployment Rates in forex trading ?

An unemployed is a person that is capable of working but for some reasons he is not working. In a country, the occurrence of the unemployment is mostly calculated by using the unemployment rate that includes the total number of people that are being unemployed. The data is usually represented in the form of percentage.
The rate of unemployment acts as an important economic index and in the studies, it is being known as an indicator of economics that is used to measure the condition of a particular economy.
It is not easy to track out the reasons for the unemployment. According to the Keynesian approach, unemployment happens when in an economy, there is an ample demand for the goods and services. According to some other school of thoughts, unemployment happens when the market is in shortage of the skilled labor force. New technology and globalization are also causes behind low skilled labor. Sometimes certain behaviors can also become a reason for the unemployment like when people only go for the work which seems valuable for them, and they link with the salary. Hence, it takes a lot of time for such people to become employed.
In some countries, the unemployment statistics are not complied in the right way which doesn’t bring true reflection of those people that are unemployed. In some countries, some people don’t come under unemployed that are out of job for almost a year, or they are working under the training programs of the government. Similarly, the people who have taken retirement prior to the end of their job tenure are also not included in the list. People who are working for few hours only are also not included in the statistics list.
Financial markets are experiencing some moderate effects. When unemployment rate decreases then in response inflation and interest rates are increased. If the employment growth rate is above 3%, then it can likely decrease the interest rates and will keep it to a very low level. According to the stock markets, the unemployment is a sign of strength in an economy. However, in this case if interest rates start to increase, then it will leave a negative impact on the stock market as well. When the unemployment rate is lower, the exchange rates become stronger.