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Most of the traders in Forex market want to invest their money to earn good profit however this is not an easy thing and for this all you need is to have a clear idea about trades and trading strategies. And if you already read the reviews on eToro a brilliant and awesome Forex broker you may have some good ideas about Forex trading. And by reading this article you will surely have the idea to choose an account manager and also the common mistakes that are generally made.

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Talking about traders such as eToro Forex Brokers and ZuluTrade who are providers of auto-trading service do not mention about choosing the best managers. However, such Trading Platforms helps the traders to make wise decision and also provides variety of tools that are necessary in trade. Talking about eToro, this Forex broker will help in finding the most profitable traders which are dedicated to Top Performers in a given time frame -1m, 3m and also 6m.

However following this only is not enough process and all you need is digging to make a well-informed investment decision and therefore some hints are given below to help you to some extent.
For every business plan all you need is the drill and if you have went through the article on HotForex PAMM you may have some idea about the business plan. To some traders it may sound something horrible but the thing is that you all need to spend some few minutes and answer on questions like:
How many traders are you going to copy?
How much money in eToro are you willing to invest?
How much money you are going to use for copying each account manager?
What is the monthly profit you want to earn?
For a beginner it is normal that you may feel confused with such questions specially questions 1 and 3 but you should not panic and this is the first thing.

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And one of the important things is that a monthly gain of 100% and above should not be expected. So if anyone who promises this much amount of return you should not trust that person because he is a scammer for sure. And there are no professional Forex trader who aimed to that much profit however luck may favour you once or twice. Therefore a monthly gain of about 15% to 25% can be expected as it is reasonable and normal.
When visiting the website of eToro a website especially for Forex broker a ranking button in the top corner will be seen and this is the first step. And in eToro for the beginners the most mistakes in common is copying the performers of the top 5. However this may seem like a guaranteed profit and bullet-proof strategy but in reality it is not. The reason is that though all the top 5 performers are skilled their time frame, money management strategy, risk level are different to one another.
A business plan which is very reasonable for every trader is presented so that every Forex trader may enjoy articles and reviews about eToro an awesome Forex broker. You can use the process and trading strategy of eToro if you believe the trading strategies that are provided in eToro so all you need is to go through the business plan.

So the above discussion and article will help the beginners and also the traders to some extent in making business plan. You may also feel free to provide ideas and also send feedbacks so that your ideas would help the traders decide the best trading strategies. Therefore all you need is to have a look to the article series on eToro and check the reviews and updates of Forex broker. And going through the reviews and updates this will surely help in providing the best way to make profit in Forex trading.

After the successful presentation of articles on eToro Reviews and also eToro In action as Part One of the series another article which is based on the series of eToro has been presented specially for Forex lovers. In this article discussion on investment networks and its test is discussed. So if you are one of those first visitors to CTrust Network you may preview the first article.

Testing the skills of a trader is very important and therefore in order to know the trader’s skill honestly speaking, at least one month is necessary. And when it comes to choose a Guru all you need is to stick to those strategies which are well-proven which you will find in this article. So what you need is to do something different from the previous so that your risk level is “medium”. After spending few hours in researching a trader named waleed0987 was picked up and the reason is that a number of traders were copying his trades actively such as 3800 users and 20000 followers.
He used investment instruments up to 5 and his winning ratio with not more than 6 open orders was 86% which were all currency pairs. Therefore investing 10% to waleed0987 as usual is not a bad idea.

Here comes a big question in the mind of the investors that “Did it really work?” and the answer is yes! A monthly gain of 33% or 33% is gained as extra profit for the sum that was invested. And this is really something but some might say that this is not going to make a good profit but the thing is gaining 33% in this world of investment is not a thing to be underestimated.
Generally talking about the strategies of traders, experienced and skilled traders normally used about 5% of the total investment which is risk management and perfect money strategy because using 6% is a risky thing and this can be used only by an experienced trader. And the most interesting thing is that the currency pairs are AUD/USD and EUR/USD which is favourite and normal to a trader.
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There are also some traders whose strategies are solid and therefore there is a need to copy the strategy of such trader like nazmultfx5 which is totally different with waleed0987 in terms of trading strategy.

In case of waleed0987 understanding the strategy that is used is difficult to understand. No technical indicator and strong levels are used excessively. But one of the interesting is that the sell-to-buy orders ratio greatly influenced waleed0987 which is described in WebTrader’s “Sentiment” column.
Another interesting thing about this trader is that negative orders are not kept longer than the required time which is very important for a trader and you should note down these things while investigating a trader’s portfolios. You can also find that last month 82 trades were opened by waleed0987 in total, which is on average 4 deals a day. However the information may seem useless to other traders but the important thing is the end product and it’s about gaining 33%.
However, you should ready to try the round two and you will notice that round two really work and helps in making profit. And moreover moving to round three is expecting to earn more profit as eToro in Forex is an awesome broker.
And it is very important to pick a Guru for the next round and this time you should make sure that you are picking a trader who uses high-risk strategy. And you should also know that high risk may result to high profit or high losses.

There are some intensive feedbacks about the recent performance of waleed0987 therefore it is very important to post this feedback. The question is did waleed0987 make profit or not? Because there are some reasonable orders to for buy with the currency pair EUR/USD. And below are some of the facts:
As on the time of above update buy positions of more than 16 has opened up by the trader which for the loss percent is 60 in average.
Due to the unstable period in France and crisis in Greece the current state of EUR is very uncertain.
And it is very important fact about trade that smart trader always trades following the trend but not counter-trend and the current state of EUR is in dropping trend.