Very Frequently Inquired Questions

Very Frequently Inquired Questions
An article not been shown during the search: Search index is no more in use as it takes few weeks to get updated. The changes that have brought recently are not shown until another time the index gets updated. The names of the articles are also case sensitive. The button saying “go” generally covers this, but if the article’s nameincludes a combination of UN capitalized and capitalized words, a redirect becomes important. If the links become underlined, it is possibly because the browser fails to load any of the style sheets
Who has written the article X on theForexpedia?
Most of the articles on the Forexpediaare transcribed by ForexMen and their co-writers. If one clicks on the tab that says “history” on the topmost part of the article, one will find a list of different contributors to a specific article.
Why has the article written by me deleted?
One of the best waysto find the reason why the article written by mehas got deleted is to have a look at the consistenthelp articles to get information about the deletion page. If you do not find it, see the deletion recordfor several reasons
Why am I blocked?
Several reasons may block your article. If you are among them who are blocked for wrong reasons, put the copy tag on the talking page by putting the cause why you believe that you have been blocked for wrong reasons. Once you post this, an administrator will have a look on it. It may be because of the automatic block by software. Pleasebe confirmed to use the IP address which can be easily founded in the message.
How can I transform the article’s name?
We have tried our best to classifythe terms into the relevant subjects. Mistakes might take place. If you think that the move of the article is important, try to use “move” tab. If you are not sure about anything, feel free to consult us.