Tradeo Review

Tradeo Review

Tradeo is a social trading platform that is owned and it is under the supervision of the Hogg Capital Investment Limited. It has started in 2012 & since then, it has turn out to be one of the quickest increasing social trading platforms in the financial markets close to eToro, ZuluTrade, Avondo and others.

In terms of the site, Tradeo is the first in terms of Social Trading platform. Help were given by the top venture capital companies. Tradeo is highly committed in innovating their financial trading knowhow. They have spent the past years working in a suited highly amazing social tradeoff gears. From a precise market feeds, groundbreaking social feature and progressive charting, the technology used by Tradeo just showed a leap in terms of the superiority of the entire experience of the online traders.

Trading platforms
Tradeo’s trading platforms are composed of two principal platforms, they are the social web trader & the MT4 platform.
The MT4 platform
In the business standard trading platform, a lot of traders must be accustomed with the newest structures of the MT4 platform. This platform is especially recognized for its complete chart packages and technical indicators as well. Moreover, the platform is highly capable in sustaining the EAs, so thereby enabling the practical savvy traders to personalize the MT4 platform using their own techniques.
Social web trader
Tradeo’s exclusive Social WebTrader platform is what completes Tradeo as a social web trader. They are the only platform that is the primary in combining social feeds with trade execution functionality in just 1 interface. The platform hosts a lot of variety of features that also took them three years to make. Some of the features they have are as follows:
1. The ability to chat
2. Copy trading
3. The prices for live streaming
4. a seamless trade collaboration in just 1 click
5. trading in 1 click
6. real time charting
7. social feed in a real time basis
8. social charting
Trading account
There is just 1 standard kind of trading account available in Tradeo. By giving funds to the account with the $100 minimum deposit, the traders can have an access to around one hundred kinds of currency pairs & CFDs to trade with. The influence ratio involved is quite inadequate to 200:1. They also have a demo account that is available to anyone who want to become familiar with the platform without using their hard earned money yet, while they are still in the learning process.

For the MT4 fanatics, you must create an alteration, however you might still urge for the branded trading platform that the Tradeo team has made. It normally borders more efficient with the social trading features of the deal they offer. You can easily go through any kind of unease by simply working on the free demo system, beforehand any capital hints the line. You will surely be delighted with the modern touches that 3 years of growth and growth has made. The techniques composed of encryption methods are also on top of the line, so making sure that the protection is absolute.

Platform structures & usability
The Social WebTrader platform of Tradeo is very smooth and modern in its appeal as well on the web because of the trades and the ability to interact with the other traders in a social manner. The platform consists of a news feed, airings from other traders, economic calendar, messaging systems for the client and a lot more. While the Social WebTrader platform works best and looks sleek, unluckily, it just feels very amusing all the time. This may not be the case for a lot of people, but in the reviewer’s point of view the flooding of borders may still be simplified and it may be quite less and that may not be a bad thing on the other hand. A lot of information may not be shown and the users can easily toggle from the light to dark interface and that can help.
Another aspect of Tradeo’s platform is its way of seeking for the traders to copy and where the Social WebTrader platform overpowers, the traders interface does the other thing apart from what was there, which is quite disappointing. There is a grey interface features where you can find the information like the experience, trading style, language, trading meter for social trading and the trading approach as well. while the information may be of interest, it is still certain that what they have been looking at when they think of whether it is right to copy a trader or not. Tradeo on the other hand supports MT4 and it has a capable mobile app as well.


1. Tradeo has been discovered in 2012, just after 3 years of rigid development, by the specialists in the forex attentiveness and in social trading OS.
2. Licensed and so do with headquarters in Malta and it has been controlled by the Malta Financial Service Authority or MFSA.
3. 2 trading platforms namely Tradeo or MT4.
4. More than a hundred asset options composed of forex sets, CFD, indices, commodities and stocks.
5. The minimum deposit amount is around $100.
6. The free demo account is limitless and it is only 1 account classification.
7. There is no desk dealing, it is also full of straight through dispensation and trading model or the STP.
8. There is 200:1 for every leverage being offered.
9. The help service representatives are available online through an email, telephone line or through a live chat system.
10. The economic calendar allows a permit of data update sorting that is in accordance with the essence or the type of asset.

Withdrawals & deposits

The international law simply commands that the particular Id documentation coming from the customers should be on the file for all of the brokers that has availed the service. Tradeo consists that the file be updated easily, thus preventing the problems or withdrawals at a later time. The fund deposits and so do with the withdrawals follow a famous credit card payment technique or wire transfers through banks are also permitted.
Leverage & Spreads

In terms of the leverages and spreads, Tradeo will not charge an amount for the directive on any kind of forex trading. Tradeo uses the spread of around 2.5 pips for primary currency pairs. Leverage on the other hand is quite limited with the 200:1. There is no need for dealing desk, because all of the host connections enable the strict STP dispensation procedures.

Tradeo is free for everyone to use and they just take their cut from the spreads and rollovers as well. the deposits are also free, but the withdrawals have a charge of $20.
Traders and social community
Because Tradeo had a revamp in May of 2014, the number of traders have leveled up and stands at more than 2,000, however as the network is quite new, it is still in its present personification, it also means that there is a little trading history available when they look for a copy from the traders. The truth is that, with the available filters, you are actually seeking for a filter to filter the traders with over three months of Tradeo trading data. In a social aspect, the community is quite vigorous and Tradeo is just one of the best socially integrated platforms, on the other hand, they still do not need to catch up to the likes concerning eToro.

The Role of Darwin Index in Trading

Darwinex has just revealed the introduction of their innovative Darwin Index. The goal of this newest feature is to provide a well-protected manner for the user to earn through the Darwinex. These days, if you have invested with the Darwinex you must choose the dealers you wish to apportion the money to yourself. It provides some rich pointers around the traders and their previous performance, however, accordingly, you can pick which one you want to capitalize in. With the new Darwinia Index, on the other hand, you can invest, lean on it and let the index do all the work on your behalf. It is like when you invest in this index, you do not need to pick the traders, the index will do that job for you.

It is quite close to an investment account wherein you get to pick the stocks and then you in return will only capitalize in the entire fund. In terms of picking the traders or the schemes to invest in, the Darwinia Index will do the leverage for the foundations that you were developed by the company in the previous years, example, it will use the D-score indicator proprietary and so do with the risk management algorithm to come up with the assortments. It is just highly anticipated that the fund will invest in just 40 & 50 various techniques.

Darwinia Index Timeframe

The current Darwinex client entirely able to capitalize from the €500-€5,000 in the index until the conclusion of March 4, 2016. After that day, the subscription will no longer be open and the funds will be capitalized live in the fund on the 7th of March this year. For the first four weeks, all of the investments will be secured and no withdrawals will be allowed. However, after the first four weeks, the clients can now withdraw or can make an additional investment, even if the minimum investment limits will level up.

The Anticipated Performance

The expected return as stated by the Darwinex CEO, during the launch of the webinar on the 1st day of March this year is just in between 20 & 25% yearly with the max. drawdown of 5%. He says that he agreed that if these returns are reached this will be a very victorious investment product. It is just so obvious that at this level, it is just so early to say that it will achieve a such. They have invested a small amount in the Index and they have promised to update their readers and the blog with regards to the results. Because they have joined the Darwinex in the Beta test conducted last year, their entire performance has been mixed up. As a whole, a little bit of downfall is at 5% in their live account.

A lot of forex brokers to be of help to the people, however it doesn’t have the concentration. There are companies just as that merely emphasize in a particular area and they also go on by offering a stellar package from get go. As an evidence, a review of the other sites has states a broader reach in terms of the compliment just transversely on board. That means that the organization team Is just good enough.