Tradency Mirror Trader now allows users to share their trading results – forex trading platform

Since myfxbook came on the market, many other websites started offering stats publishing services. Zulutrade, eToro, and Currensee is also different platforms that now allow the service of stats publishing.
Under mirror trading platform, Tradency has added various new features. Through these new features, a trader can easily publish the summary of his account and can easily share it with friends or other traders. A recent feature allows traders to share or connect their account summary to the famous social-networking websites. Additionally, they can also copy all the information to the clipboard and can share it wherever they want it.
There are various new features added in the mirror trader platform. These include:
• Publishing the account summary: Users that are using the mirror trader platform can now easily share the statistics and information of their account anywhere they want. Along with that you can use the filter tools to further enhance your report. This includes: Symbols, date, and strategy. In the mirror trader, you can create this link under “History Tab.”
• Publishing strategy card: Traders that are using mirror trader can now easily their trading results. They can create this report from the strategy card tab.
In the Forex market, the idea of sharing your information isn’t just a buzzword now. It is actually becoming an important part of traders that can be useful for their business. Today, the social impact is getting very important for all the traders as they want to spread their information across the globe. When they are in the Forex community, they analyze and discuss their trading formulas. Stats publishing tool from the mirror trading is actually a very friendly and important way of sharing your valuable information.
Terms :Tradency is forex trading platform which offers Mirror trading and Manual trading – semi Mirroring and Auto Mirroing in one platform.