Top 5 Forex Fundamentals Analysis chapters that you must learn

The following information offers you insight into the way forex traders make use of economic studies and basic analysis for finding out precisely when they should by buying and selling.

The different chapters as well as sections for carrying out the evaluation are as following:

Timeframe Evaluation

1. Timeframe Analysis
2. Merger of Several Timeframes
3. Forex Trader Types
4. Correct Analysis of Trade

Trading Forex News

1. Basic Forex Analysis
2. Forex News Worth Acting Upon
3. Understanding Fundamental Analysis
4. Trading News in Forex
5. Reasons that Make Forex News worth Action-taking
6. Review on Trading Forex News

Concepts of Fundamental Analysis

1. Central Banks and Interest Rates
2. The Way Central Banks Operate
3. Interest Rates – Nominal, Real, Differentials
4. Assessing Central Banks

Terms in Economics

1. Economic Growth
2. Interest Rates and GDP
3. Growth vs. Recession
4. Balance of Trade
5. International Trade
6. International Capital Flow
7. Impact of Central Bank on Trade
8. Economic Review
9. Political Stability

Commitment of Traders Report

1. COT Traders
2. COT about Forex Volume
3. The Way for Trading the COT Report
4. Points to Keep in Mind Regarding the COT
5. Important COT Numbers

Forex Correlations

1. Correlation Between Oil and Currency
2. Correlation Between Carry Trade and Risk
3. Correlation Between Currency and Gold
4. Ways to Determine Currency Correlation
5. Anti-Risk Trades
6. Review of Forex Correlation