The Logical Trader by Mark B. Fisher – trading book review

The Logical Trader
This book will give you an inside at the trading system that can be used by anyone. It is highly effective system that is applicable to almost anything you would consider trading.
Mark Fisher has been a long time successful trader and his experience is something that everybody can profit from; those who are themselves experienced and those who are about to be. Here are provided the price points that a trade should be conducted. This is a guidebook that will explain what many computer and floor traders implement in their trading. This very easy to understand book is packed with detailed examination of the things that run behind the ACD Method and with real-life trading stories.

The author has built his experience as an independent trader. His firm MBF Clearing Corp. is the largest of such on the NYMEX. Since 1988 it has been growing, and by now it has grown up to 20% of its starting value.
As the technology advanced the market, traders who have survived its changes are a good source of information and experience who can teach you so that you don’t have to necessarily repeat their mistakes. Regardless of your position and level in trading, this book will equip you with the advice and strategies necessary to grow and prosper.