Successful Female Forex Traders

Ingeborg Mootz traderSuccessful Female Forex Traders – Ingeborg Mootz

This story is about a retired old widow by name Ingeborg Mootz who in spite of her age managed to make a living through successful trading. She lives in Giessen, an Industrial City located in Hessen Land, West Central Germany. This woman unbelievably managed to gain as much as half a million in Euros and counting.
Ingeborg Mootz
Ingeborg Mootz has one of the most exciting stories of success in the financial markets. At the age of 83 she made 500 000 Euros at the stock exchange in just 8 years. Because of this she’s eager to continue on with the trading industry. To set the scale further she made a vision of herself earning twice as much of her profits today.
With this achievement many people would think that Mrs. Mootz is a graduate of finance and had worked all her life within the stock trading system. If that was the case then her success is very much explainable, but on the contrary she does not have any degree from any related course in finance neither does she have any experience regarding that field. What she has is merely the will to make a living and good fortune.
She was born in a poor family and had to strive in life to survive and make amends to sustain their daily livings. At an early age of 17 she got married and since then served her husband. She was not able to make earnings and save for herself because her husband did not allow her to work. To make matters worse, her husband only gave her enough money to buy food and groceries. But as the saying goes “good things comes to those who wait.”
When her husband died she was left with her husband’s security funds from the company that he was working in. She used this money as her initial fund in trading on the stock exchange. What she didn’t expect was for her money to grow in profits instantly. In just a year in the stock market, her capital doubled and in the following year it increased by 130%. You may probably think this is impossible and a joke but it is not. What she does is saving her money and not overspending. She prefers to invest her earnings into trading and is satisfied with using her stock dividends to support her daily living.
At present, Ingeborg Mootz is one of the most well-known people in Germany. She wrote a book which details her success. In this book, she shared her experience and knowledge so that others may gain the way she did. She wants to help everyone, particularly those who have retired, on how to easily make money on the stock market because she believes that even at an old age, one can still have the opportunity to create a high quality lifestyle and not be a burden to the society by waiting on their pensions alone.
Some of the lessons she has learned are never to invest in bank securities, not to join investment funds and any capital accumulation programs by banks. She’s very eager to help those who want to improve upon themselves and those who may have retired but still want to help their loved ones and leave a legacy.