Skrill Moneybookers Review

Skrill (Moneybookers) Digital Wallet Review for all forex traders

A digital wallet (e-wallet) provider that is based in the United Kingdom, Skrill, formerly known as Moneybookers, is a company that offers people to safely transfer payments on-line. In order to register for their online providings, you are required to have a valid email address and a password. It enables you to deal with your financial possessions between your on-line accounts, make payments on websites such are eBay, amazon and others.
As it has more than 25,000,000 users, they are among the leaders in providing e-wallet services.

It is easy to open Skrill account. Skrill has free registration, so you can open your e-wallet to begin with the transactions of your money from accounts you have. As the transfers work in regular real-time, it means no annoying periods of waiting in order to have your money be transferred to the account you want it to be on. It gives you possibility to get payments from the entire world. It includes more almost every country existing, recognized by the UN, it deals with more than 35 currencies. All it cost to transfer money is 1% taken by Skrill, and possibly some percentages could appear to be charged, depending on the country and the method you chose to use.

This electronic payment service, formally known as Moneybookers, offers to do your international transfers for low cost. Also, you can have access to your account in over 200 countries and 41 currencies. Even though the costs are low for the international payments too, they are 1% up to 0,5 EUR for any payment and it is possible that you might have some additional costs, depending on what kind of transaction you chose or in which country the transaction is made. You may find that charging these percentages as disadvantage of Skrill, but on the other hand, free and fast way to transfer your money – even when you are in one country and your broker is in another – cannot be compared to the amount of the money that will cost you.

Security of your transactions and deposits
Skrill is conducting serious actions in order to have your money secured with them. It is today one of the safest system in the world of on-line trading. The Skrill is managing to keep customers happy and free of worry by making their system better and better every day. Regular based updates of their security software with highest encryption standards that is always a step ahead of any possible problems that could occur, offers you security and worry-free on-line trading routines.
Security tips that will help new users
• To make sure you are on right Skrill and not some spoof page, register via
• No need to deposit any cash
• In order to release any funds, it is required to have full account verification
• When any limit is being reached, in order to transfer money, you will be asked a scan of your passport.

Advantage and VIP users
Most active users with more than 2000 USD transactions in a month get a chance of becoming a VIP user. That offers you many advantages such is having an account manager, free uploading and withdrawing your money, and the possibility to get special offers and bonuses for each transaction. You can also get a prepaid Skrill MasterCard, skrill card.
Not only do they offer this, but they also offer winning Skrill prepaid MasterCard and possibility get 30% money back, and some discounts. You also get to have free upgrades upon bank transfer, you will not get monthly fees, extra charging for abroad using and you get to have 4 currencies to use; EUR, GBP, USD and PLN. You can see more about

Customer Support Service
The importance of helping clients has always been key, and especially in connection with money. Skrill enables 24/7 customer support service in twelve international languages, including German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and English which offers you help regardless what country you are in. Customers can contact Skrill staff via phone, email and fax – whatever you prefer. Someone will always be there to help you.
In conclusion, this might be one of the most secure ways to transfer your money online. Many benefits, reasonable price with the security of your account are what Skrill is about.

On the end we can see that Skrill is payment service that creates nice service, offers, promotions, competitions.For example Skrill is the new title sponsor for the Football Conference – Skrill Premier or Skrill league.
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