Simple Easy Forex Scalping Strategy – scalping forex strategy and scalping indicator

In this article, a very simple policy to scalp Forex market will be demonstrated. If you search for “support of Forex dealing system” in Google search engine, you will find many internet affiliates and marketers out there attempting to sell Forex scalping methods and policies, even the robots! No one has taken the time to demonstrate how this really works. The only thing you get is someone selling some useless books and Forex which is hyped with ways of earning money quickly online.
Forex Scalping mechanism
The scalping is described as buying and selling a safety over an extreme short time (min/sec) at very less risk. Few brokers will deal with your money in such a way because it directly works against them.
Explanation of Strategy
There are three main objectives concerning this method. Keep in mind that if you have a complete strategy, you should stick to it and be disciplined. In case you do not, then you cannot measure your progress. Don’t be enticed to have a deal based on some things others have proposed, you need to stick to your strategy or policy! The goals are:
• Make pips
• Repeat pips
• Identify trends
Here is a set up of my dealings. I call it as “Super Easy Scalp” policy:
• Trade a ten minute graph
• The stochastic 10,3,3
• Apply ten EMA to close
• Apply fifteen EMA to close
• RSI 14
I apply the MT4 podium. I just enter lofty in my deals, with the hope of building many pips as possible before quitting. You should fix a failure scale to a point where you are comfortable with and if it gets to the point, you can stop. Never have any deal outside your own terms!
I trade on the following conditions below:
• The ten EMA crosses over the fifteen EMA
• Stochastic appearances are titled up, not overbought
• The RSI is over fifty
I exit the trade when:
• The EMA appearances cross in opposite ways
• The RSI crosses below fifty
Go on and practice it with the “practice account.” Super Easy Scalp works well for me, but be sure that the situation in the market is right. You may apply some other indicators with several strategies since it is only the case of forecasting the market breakout. Trade and use the currency you are comfortable with. I just trade the EUR/USD.
Let me know what your thoughts are?