Saudi Money Expo

Main informations:
Event : Saudi Money Expo
Time and location: 7th Saudi Money Expo will be held on the 14th and 15th of Nov 2014 at Crowne Plaza Hotel in Jeddah
7th Saudi Money Expo Brochure
7th Saudi Money Expo 2014
Note for traders:
Stock market’s appeal is truly amazing and a lot of people are starting out their careers in foreign exchange markets these days. When you are a trader, these markets can help you earn a lot of money. If you want to broaden your horizons and learn new approaches in forex trading, then you need to attend forex seminars or conferences. You can find events like these nowadays throughout the globe. During the events, you will be able to meet new people who are also in the same world as yours and you will definitely learn a lot from them too. This is a great experience that you shouldn’t miss. Those people at the venue will provide you some useful things and information that can also be of help to you as you go along in trading. You cannot learn everything you need without attending a conference.
Last May 10 & 11 of this year there was a forex expo and conference held in Al Faisaliya Hotel in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It was the 6th Saudi Money Expo where traders have learned a lot of points that they can use for their everyday trading needs. It was held in Saudi Arabia then, since Saudi is said to be the prosperous country in the Middle East region. Did you know that there are around one hundred seventy millionaires there? It was said that around thirty five percent of the retail traders in Middle East live in Saudi Arabia and they have invested around thirty five thousand US dollars in foreign exchange trading throughout their trading experience.
If you have attended the 6th Saudi Money Expo, you will learn that most of the Saudi forex investors prefer face to face interaction in picking the forex broker. They would also like to ensure the safety of their funds & easy deposit along with withdrawal mechanism too. Investors from Saudi are very much into proper advisory and education material and they would like to have recommendations about daily market research. They are into trading software and they are very much interested in mobile trading too. Learning all of these can be a big help to traders nowadays who would like to earn lucrative income from forex trading.
Attendees of the said money expo were able to join the conference and they had the chance to meet the leaders in global forex trading and brokers too during the event. They had the chance to compare various brokers and get to decide who is much better in terms of investments. Such events shouldn’t slip off your mind, because the things that you will learn from the leaders in forex trading cannot be learned through books or other materials online. This is because they will share with your their hard work, the tricks that they have learned too while they were struggling to reach the top, so you will never go the same path that they took while they were starting their career as traders. But you shouldn’t worry if you have missed out the 6th Saudi Money Expo, because there are still expos that will be conducted by other countries and organizers this year and the money expo in Saudi might be available again next year. You can check, so you can follow them and be able to learn when the next money expo is.