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If you are looking for a forex broker who is trustworthy then the is the best broker for this purpose. It is managed by the financial service company named as Gain Capital which was set up in 1999. The head quarter is located in New Jersey, USA.

The company gives you two major platforms for trading. One is the Forex Trader Pro and the other one is Website Trader. The company’s website allows you to have easy access to the platform and if you scroll down then you will also see the option of Meta Trader platform 4. During the review of the company it was found that this company has a website based platform and which is different from all the other forex companies. This platform is best for the beginners and the new traders who are in search of the compartmentalized option.
It was also found in the study that if the trading platform is not used for a few minutes then it goes idle. You may look at this like an inconvenient thing but the main thing is that it takes only a few steps to protect the security of the trader. Many forex activities take place at the trading platform called the Quick Dock. You can find it at the bottom of the screen. You can also minimize the screen if you want to see your trade in the full screen mode. The Forex Trader Pro is an advanced website of the and all the whistles and bells of the forex trading are available at this site. The also gives the benefit of mobile trading to its traders by the use of its iPhone application which is very special.

Visit and register demo or real account.
Features of
The peripheral features are not offered by like all the other forex brokers. It does not offer the leverage features like the Ava FX as it is regulated by the NFA. provides the simple and straight forward trading and is the best in its performance. Some of the appreciated features of are:
1. Latest updates
There are the trained and the experts in market analysts in the who provide the latest updates about the market. The updates can help in increasing the efficiency of trading.
2. Forex Webinars:
This is the training session which is very helpful for the traders and is much better than the printed material. But it may not be much useful for the new traders.
3. Customer Service:
Best customer services are provided by The company provides its services on Friday from 10 am in the morning to 5 pm. It is also open at Saturdays and gives the services from 9 am to 5 pm.
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4. Easy to Use:
The site of the company named as has the unique design and we really got very impressed by it. You can have the contact information from the site as well as from the trading platform. You can have the convenience while the registration process at it only takes ten minutes for the registration and it is a very simple process. The only problem faced by us during the review was to find a solution of dealing with the different platforms. But this issue was solved after having a chat with the customer support officer. is very easy to easy in every regard and you can visit this site for the registration of the demo and the real accounts.