PAMM Accounts Top Benefits in Online Forex trading

PAMM accounts stand for the Percentage Allocation Management Module. On Alpari website, we present our customer with the service of using PAMM accounts. With this offer in hand, our customer gets plenty of benefits. The major benefits include management of huge accounts with ease, opportunities of gaining massive profits, and we also give a feature to our investors through which they can link their account with an expert account manager to get started. We give investors worth his money by giving him the sole rights to control his account.

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PAMM Version 2.0- Enhanced Risk Management:
With this new version, our company has made lots of changes for our users. We want to make sure every investor makes his way with ease through our products. Our new product is free of any analogy as we want to give our customers a brand new and different experience. With our new product, an investor can easily shift the percentage of risk to other members of the group. This way, one investor doesn’t bear all the risk proportion.
The risk-management policy is well defined for all the investors. The policy is fixed before the start of every investment project. This way, all the investors’ preferences are secured.
With this new version, now the account manager will also be held accountable for all the investments on his behalf. This also includes the amount which he has put into the project. This way, the investor will not bear all the 100% of the risk.
Benefits of using PAMM- For the account managers:
• While joining a new project, an account manager has been given the authority to put his conditions for the project.
• If a project turns out to be successful, then an account manager can invite infinite numbers of investors for the next project.
• The fraud is not included in the sharing of funds that are automatic. This is due to the control given to the investors in their funds.
Benefits of using PAMM- For the Investors:
• An investor has the right to take a complete control of his funds. That still doesn’t include fraud. Before and even during the whole project only investor has given the right to withdraw funds.
• An investor is not bound to work with an account manager. In case if he is not fully satisfied with him, he has the right to engage himself in the project.
• Through the management of his own capital, an investor can examine all the offers that are put by the account manager.
• By using several PAMM accounts, an investor can vary risk.
With our distinctive offers, we give an investor the best value for his money.

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