Nordfx Demo Cup Forex contest

Nordfx Demo Cup – Forex Demo contest
NordFx regularly conducts a two week trade competition which is known as “Demo Cup” contest. This contest was started in March 2010. The interesting part of this contest is that anyone can take part in to this competition without investing his own money. This is because the registration of the participation is completely free.

All the participants are required to conduct their trade activities by using their demo accounts. And after the competition, all the winners are awarded with real prizes. At the end of the contest, the traders who get the highest earnings are considered to be the winners. The total numbers of winners are 10 in this contest. All the participants are required to start their trade with $10,000 which is given at the beginning of the contest. And then the participants who have the maximum deposit within the two week period will be announced as the winner.
In addition to giving prizes to the winners, this competition also gives consolation prizes to the other randomly contestants. This helps in increasing the competitive spirit among all the contestants.
Nordfx forex comeptition rules
Rules and regulation for Nordfx Demo Cup Forex contest
• The prizes are announced and credited to only those winners that have completed their trading activities on their real trading accounts.
• The only winners are those contestants that have made the highest account deposits within the contest time period
• There will be ten consolation prizes and these prizes will only be randomly selected among the contestants from the 11th place to the 100th place
• If at the end of the competition, two winners have the same deposit size then the amount of prizes will be distributed between these two contestants
• To get the prize amount, each participant is required to open his new real trading account, he must verify this account and also he must send the request to obtain contest account login, its password and the number of his real account.
Detail of the Prizes
As mentioned earlier, this contest ends by declaring 10 top earners as the winners. The prize fund is then distributed among these winners. This distribution is purely based on the rank of the winner.
The top winner of 1st position gets $1000. The contestant who stands at 2nd position receives $700. The 3rd position contestants get $500 while the 4th position contestant obtains $200. And all the winners from 5th position to the 10th position get $100 as a prize.