Money Machine – How the City Works by Philip Coggan – trading book review

Money Machine: How the City Works by Philip Coggan
This inspiring book will show us exactly how the financial system does what it does to our lives, why the financial market affects us so much and in what way.
Philip Coggan takes us on a journey through the City and explains what the headlines mean, what the scandals threat to provoke further, what is the reason for a currency to raise, or interest rates to fall? You will learn about all relevant institutions and what is important to know about the system that affects our entire lives.
The language in the book is very simple and clear, and the messages are all clear and leave no space for you to think about what something really means. It is as simple as it can be for everybody to understand all the things about the City mechanism and the motors that run it.
Money Machine: How the City Works is a very practical book and a wonderful guide to the City and its business deals.
This book is definitely not solely intended to be helpful to those who are not familiar with the City business ongoing, but also can be helpful to those who have experience in working downtown, because everybody is occupied with something they are currently working on, and this book will surely widen the view about the things that surround all businessmen.