“Miss Insta Asia” – forex competiiton – secrets of beauty and success

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Today we introduce you to yet another contestant of the Miss Insta Asia contest, the simple, beautiful and intelligent Asian girl, Siti Maryam Idris, who is also studying in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia. She agreed to give an interview to the administration of the contest, which told a little about the mysterious dazzling girl.

When asked about her daily life, currently Siti Maryam is pursuing her Software Engineering degree at University of Malaysia. Alongside that she is also working in Kuala Lumpur in the Administration branch of some private company. She likes doing adventurous activities in her spare time like camp, jungle track, travel etc. Apart from that she is inclined towards music and healthcare.
Although her degree is unrelated to Forex yet she doesn’t take it as a barrier between getting involved in both fields. She thinks that some of her degree knowledge might actually be useful in trading as well as both fields require disciplined as well as critical and analytical thinking. Despite the fact that she’s not a trader, she is new to trade as she works in a Forex Company now, but she has exposure to it as many of her relatives are prosperous traders. She finds trading as serious, respectable job because it requires great strength to excel in something that has everything to do with money management, skills, trading psychology, mental techniques etc. And these traits are not gender specific. Not yet a trader, but she believes after seeing people around her that Forex can be used to earn rather decently.
She’s a satisfied employee at InstaForex Company. She’s happy with her work and learning experiences there. She took part in the contest due to her colleagues’ persuasions and also as a supporting gesture to her Company. It is going to be her first experience taking part in such a contest.
She’s one of the five leading contestants. She’s rather surprised at that as she wasn’t that hopeful and thanks all her voters to take her to the first five. Her friends find her trustworthy, sincere and honest. In her view, beauty surfaces from the inner behavior, the self-belief and honesty of a person. She thinks both good sense and intuition are required for decision-making.
Regarding the distinguishing traits of Asian girls, she says they are usually taught the significance of mannerism and respect in their upbringing. They’re polite, gentle, physically attractive as well as intelligent. There qualities render them respectable. All these traits are not confined to Asian girls; however she’s proud to be an Asian girl.
Currently she wishes not for things to be easier rather for her to be better at them. She doesn’t for having no problems rather wishes she had more skills. And she doesn’t wish for having no challenges, she wishes for extra wisdom.
We thank Sisi Maryam for giving us time and her thoughts. We wish her best of luck for Miss Insta Asia and a successful life!