LMT – Low Maintenance Trading Strategy

LMT stands for Low Maintenance Trading and LMT orders in forex are orders that use the LMT formula. This is a program that will analyze and identify potential trades in just minutes. The investors that are enrolled will receive a 47 page manual that will show them detailed instructions about how to set up LMT forex orders and start the trade. Also, LMT traders will gain 2 videos that will assist them in opening demo accounts and learning how to read trading charts.

LMT strategy description :
Step 1 : On daily chart system will determine main trend.System trade in the main trend direction.
Step 2 : We are getting entry level nn 4 hour chart using modified MACD and 10 Moving average
Step 3 : Stop loss is 50% till 100% ATR (if daily Average True range is 100 pips, stop loss is 50-100 pips) and it is always important Fib. level or Pivot Point.
Step 4 : target – Risk/reward ratio 1:2 or 1:3 or more.
step 5 : Afther several hours if trend is on the trader side, we can put break evan (move stop loss on entry position).

LMT Forex – Benefits of Enrolling
Probably the biggest advantage of using LMT orders in forex is the fact that you just need to spend 15 minutes to go through the whole process. Even those that are novice will be able to make money by using this strategy. People that currently promote LMT Forex claim that the accuracy rate offered is as high as 82 percent, which is much higher than some of the competition. When thinking about LMT forex trading you should also look at the aspects mentioned below.
Flexibility – Investors that trade with the use of LMT will be able to identify trades daily or can even go for trading more often in order to gain small but steady profits.

LMT Forex Orders – What to Consider
LMT does bring in much flexibility but the entire system is tailored for a large deal. In most cases investors are just making 2 or 3 trades per week. The main goal of the LMT forex program stands in identifying the trades that will offer big profits, usually hundreds of pips.

Important :

LMT strategy is not holly gral.This is just only simple strategy. MY advice is to trade manually or at least to monitor your trade and manually move your stop loss.