Larry Williams Biography – famous futures trader

Shedding Light on the Life of Larry Williams – The Ace Futures Trader

There is no other term trader today that has as in-depth grasp over the industry as Larry Williams. The expert has contributed more than anyone else to the futures trading market in the form of trading and investment books. And, most of this books are bestsellers.

He has guided thousands of traders to negotiate successfully on the market, won a large number of championships, in addition to being a global futures trader to have again and again traded $1 million in his seminars presented in different parts of the world.

Larry Williams started his after markets more than 5 decades ago in 1962. It was the falling market that sparked his interest, and when he saw President Kennedy forcing back the prices of steel. This event was widely covered on news, and while most traders lost millions, Larry realized that if there was “shorts,” he could have made a fortune.

Larry spent $100 to understand the market, which he lost. At just 20, $100 meant a lot to him. He graduated in Journalism from the University of Oregon and had a strong obsession for writing. By 1965, he was an active trader on the market and was writing newsletters at the same time. It did not take long for him to present his innovative studies on the market.

It was in 1966 that he produced “Williams%R,” his popular instrument timing that was published regularly on the leading financial dailies. It became a standard measure on the Singapore commerce, offering MSN Money Central.

His first book on investment, The Secret of Selecting Stocks was published in 1970. He went on to publish Sure Thing Commodity Trading among several other books. Larry was so busy with his work that included trading, researching, teaching, writing and development of trade tools, still he made it twice to the Senate.

Larry produced some of the leading bestsellers in the trading market that included the well-known, “1982’s How to Prosper in the Coming Good Years,” that predicted the biggest bullish market in the history of America’s economic growth.

Larry was also a board member with the National Futures Association, having received several awards including:
• Doctor of Futures
• Omega Research Lifetime Achievement
• Traders International 2005 Trader
• Significant Sig

The San Diego mayor went on to declare 6th October, 2002 as Larry William’s Day in memory of the ace from the world of futures trading.