Intraday Forex Trading strategy

We see that Forex trading starts to be highly popular and a lot of people are looking at this in order to make money online. It is easy to understand why since we are faced with a daily turnover of over 3 trillion dollars daily and most people would want to get a share of such an amount. The reason why we are in front of such a high turnover is the fact that we are in front of a market that is really volatile. In fact, it can be described as the most volatile. Due to high volatility and constant changes in market conditions we are faced with a lot of trading opportunities. Most of the forex traders make money with the use of intraday forex trading. Forex trades can be done 24 hours per day. A trader can choose when to start trading based on personal convenience. At any point in time there are many possible trading opportunities that can be profitable if the trades are based on suitable and effective methods.

What is Intraday Forex Trading?

Intraday forex trading can be defined as a trading system that brings in locked profits thanks to exiting and entering the market in the exact same day. On average an individual trader can make profits that range from just 4 pips and can go over 100 pips. A regular trader is capable of making around 5 daily trades without much difficulty because it is easy to understand the exit and entry points of such transactions. Due to this fact a lot of traders can make money with the use of intraday forex trading on the long run when compared with long term trades.

We must also think about the stress factor. Stress is minimum because the duration of the trade is short. This allows for better control. You do not have to think about the trades that much. The truth is that most people that do not succeed in the forex market do so because they are faced with fear or/and greed. The good news is that with the use of fast intraday forex trading you do not really have the time to get overwhelmed by emotions. You can safeguard yourself against a trader that is greedy and leaves trades open for periods of time that are longer than one day.

Short term trading strategy
You can easily identify entry and exit points with the use of some indicators. A trader does not have to learn complex and intricate analysis systems. You will simply look at some charts and you will see good trading opportunities. A forex trader just has to learn different effective trading methods that can be used to quickly gain profits. There are associated risks, of course, but once you understand the process it is really easy to make money.

High Frequency Forex Trading Techniques
Here below you can see video about short term trading for all forex day traders:

Most of the amateur Forex traders begin their trading experience by short-term or intraday trading. The reason behind this is simple, for the short-term trade it is not required to keep a massive starting capital and secondly it could be that the trader is merely testing some trading strategy that he/she might have chose for the trade.
Fundamentally, the price movements in a five-minute chart are almost similar to the ones on the four-hour chart. No matter which chart is considered, the impulsive correction waves always show up in the pattern of a market. So for estimating the efficacy of some trading technique, it’s always comforting for the trader to study its behavior over short intervals of time. Nevertheless, following are certain characteristics of short term trade that must be kept in mind:
• The macroeconomic speeches and news coming from the high-ranked politicians and officials: A trader should take certain facts into regard. Generally principle news is immediately followed by a fluctuation during which prediction of flow (falling or rising) nearly impossible. Although a short-term chart trader usually predicts a rise in prices earlier to a news release. So it is better to wait till after the release to open positions. If on an already opened position there is profit, trader should fix it, however trader should set stop losses in declining positions.
• A trader ought to also set aside an amount for trade sessions: There are four sessions in trade; Asian, European, Pacific and American. As Forex market remains open round the clock, deals can be carried out at any time. However, during night time the movement can be shaky or serene. So it is importance to think thoroughly before choosing a trade time and currency.
• Trading day is important: Mondays and Fridays are the key days. There are gaps in the trade opening on Mondays if some significant events happened over the weekend. Traders take the time to observe the market situation in the start of the week. On Fridays however, there is a rise in price dynamics, owing to the fact the mostly trades sessions are ending and deals are closed, as traders prefer not to leave a open positions over the weekend.