InstaForex Sniper forex contest – your first step to a million

Lately we came into contact with Mardi Marbun, the second time winner of the InstaForex Sniper contest. We inquired him about his victories in the various trading competitions to which Mr. Marbun showed his considerate cooperation and shared with us his experiences in trading.

Mr. Mardi Marbun said that he learned about the Forex market through articles over the Internet. He doesn’t have an education associated to the financial area yet he has chosen to trade as a full time activity rather than a hobby. During trade he takes advises from the analysts as well as makes his own predictions. He was sure of his victory when he started trading in the competition. He didn’t have doubts and was confident of his winning the contest, so the actual victory didn’t come as a surprise to him. He said he worked hard for winning and it was not all luck. He said that owing to the vast participation of traders in the “InstaForex Sniper”, it was a challenging trading contest. He didn’t try avoiding any particular currency pairs in the contest and that his trading strategy was based on the technical, fundamental as well as economic forecast. He advised his competitors that he won over, not ever to lose hope.

Mardi Marbun’s victory may serve as an inspiration for the interested traders who can try their skills and experience and participate in the upcoming contest on Monday, the 29th of November.

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