Instaforex forex demo contests in 2013

Instaforex trading contests – forex competitions :
Do you have an idea, how you should spend your free time? If you don’t, then InstaForex really care of you. It has arranged a lot of contests on trading accounts. You just take part in any of the contests and win bonuses with your trading account. You can try other forex contests if you demo trader or real trader.
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InstaForex Sniper

If you like hunting, InstaForex give hunting opportunity for you, Hurry up get enrolled yourself in the forthcoming step of “InstaForex Sniper” contest and enjoy a guaranteed catch, like the last hunter, Vladan Milikic , who has been a winner in the last step.

Chancy Deposit

InstaForex also offers weekly lottery under the campaign, “Chancy Deposit”. You just upload your trading account along with 3000 dollars , if you proved lucky, then you would get $1,000, that Denis Fomin won in the last draw.

If you want to be a good hunter, then join contests organized by InstaForex.

InstaForex One Million Options

InstaForex offers its customers a lot of options. “One Million Options” is also included in these options. You jump into the contest by enrolling yourself and win $100- $500. Congratulations, to Pavel Kalashnikov from Russia, who has been lucky one to win this prize.

FX-1 Rally

This rally will start on 25 May, 2012. Don’t miss it at all. Take your seat on the dais of winners, as Denis Dumaryonok did it together along with all previous winners.

Many people don’t take their job as a real life, they think it’s an occupation that allows them to make money in the coming life. However, people spend a lot of their time in working and learn how to deal with equipment and documents. They also learn how to socialize people and experience different emotions.
Instaforex forex broker
Of course, it is good to think over, what type of life you wish to live and what type of work you wish to have. There are different options, available; you have to choose the best one for you. For example, stay at home and work on Forex, at a time, is possible for you, with InstaForex. You just participate in the contests of InstaForex, the best broker, that always help to be successful.

Great Race of InstaForex

InstaForex is happy to inform their customers that the first stage of great race has ended and Irina Ovchinnikova has been the lucky winner. The 2nd stage will be organized from 25th June, 2012 to 28th June, 2012 at GMT+3. You can get registered yourself for this stage till 25th June, 2012 at GMT+3. Hurry up, be the part of InstaForex’ ambitious project.

One Million Options by InstaForex

This contest has attracted thousands of traders since, it was launched. There are many reasons but, one thing is more obvious, this contest has not disappointed to any trader yet. So, take part in the next step that is going to start from 11th June, 2012 and will end 16th June, 2012 at GMT + 3. The good thing about this contest is you can get registration even 1 hour before the contest starts. The last prize went to Alexander from Russia.

InstaForex Real Scalping

This contest ‘prize pool is $6,000 a month and $72,000 a year. A portion of its prize pool has gone to Yevgeniy Slastunov, the winner of last week. Hurry up! Join this contest and become luckier one.

Trade Wise Win Devices

InstaForex never stop giving prizes to its clients. Woarkpads and telephones have been already given to lucky winners. Yevgeniy Ten had been the last winner of the iPad. If you want to be in Yevgeniy Ten place, this is very easy for you. Get registered your trading account with InstaForex contest page.