InstaForex forex broker Company – title partner of “Tornado-InstaForex” Fight Club

“Tornado-InstaForex” is a popular club formed after InstaForex Company accepted title partnership with “Tronado”, Ukraine’s top fighting club of mixed M-1 fights. This fresh name has already made several scores. On 6th of November, in the 5th round of the event “M-1 Selection Ukraine” held in Kiev (Ukraine’s Captial), “Tornado-InstaForex” team won over the “Tez Tour Sport” team by the score chart showing 3:1 in the four rounds. Also, on the 26th of November in “Champion Fight” held in Simferopol, “Tornado-InstaForex” played an interesting game against “CIS Select Team” and won straight with a score chart showing 5:0. The team played too well, completing one round during the fight’s fifteenth minute.

The tournament (“Champion Fight”) was not only the last but also the most substantial fight forum for the year 2010. The tournament was organized by the InstaForex Company. Tornado-InstaForex won over all the mixed-style outstanding fighters sent forward by the CIS Select Team. The tournament’s media audience belonging to Russia, Ukraine and a few of the CIS countries crossed the four millon viewership, thus setting up a new viewer record.

Although covering sports related events was new for the InstaForex Company but it has proven out to be a prosperous venture for the company. The interest raised by “Tornado-InstaForex” club owing to its back to back victories may serve as a starting towards a future full of big-time sports and business accomplishments. In the upcoming year “Tornado-InstaForex” shall bring forward even more thrilling and shining triumphs over its competitors.