Importance of attending the seventeenth International Exhibition Moscow Forex EXPO 2014

17th International Exhibition MOSCOW FOREX EXPO 2014
A lot of traders attend the forex conference to be able to learn and to try the ways of trading the markets. A lot of firms and forex specialists offer meetings and expo just to help new traders of how to use the forex to their benefit. There are lots of conferences these days about various products and if you haven’t attended a forex conference, you might wonder if this is worth your time and energy. There are lots of things that you will learn in a forex conference that will be an advantage on your part. The seventeenth International Moscow Forex Expo of 2014 will be held in Radisson Centre.

This can be found at the bank of Moscow River with the perfect view of the Russian White House, foreign ministry. This place is less than 2kms away from the Red Square & it is just 35kms away from Sheremetjevo International Airport. The said hotel is known a prestigious hotel in Russia where comfortable rooms can be found and they have the best conference halls for business gatherings and meetings too. The event will be held on October thirty first to the 1st of November of this year in Radisson Hotel. All the details about the workshop & the conference will be announced one month before the said event.

In this event you will learn important things that can be of help to you along the way. The forex market offers helpful information around it & all of those can be tackled in the seminar. On the other hand, there are also some communal threads that might come up at a forex conference too. at The seventeenth International Moscow Forex Expo of 2014 you will learn a lot of things like building a forex company from scratch, the regulations of the forex market, the software being used by forex brokers these days, the M&A of the forex market, the IB & White label on the forex market and the discount services on the forex market.

Did you know that you will also be able to learn more information about the regulation on the forex market, the software for the brokers, M&A on the forex market along with the IB & White label too? At the conference, the discount services on the forex will also be tackled along with the advertisements & promotions. Data feeds & news feeds will also be discussed by the guest speakers there. All these information can truly be helpful to you if you will attend the seventeenth International Moscow Forex Expo of 2014, you will come across guest speakers like Vasilij Yakimkin, who is banking & finance faculty professor. He is the analyst of the Fibo group company and he is a specialist in the financial market as well. He is highly qualified to become a speaker in this conference due to his interbank foreign exchange research and experiences as well.
You will also get to see Veniamin Safin who is a physics & Math professor. This man has been working as the head of the IT dept. of the SPSEU. He wrote some books and articles and he is currently working as a teacher of technical analysis in financial market computer systems. He has been in this field for 18 years now. Gennady Babak, a professional trader for around 6 years now and well experienced in forex, futures, stocks and markets. He is also an author and the founder of resource of traders. You will surely learn a lot from them along the way. To get started, you only need to register at and look for the exhibitor’s registration form page.

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