How to quit your fears in forex trading?

When I read excellent article Fear and Greed, The Trader’s Struggle from James Stanley from dailyfx I realized that our mentality is very important in forex trading. Fear and greed are two most important terms.
Majority of people not involved in Forex trade think that speculating currencies is not that hard a job. In order to perform trade successfully a trader is required to have a strong will-power, responsibility, self-restrain and be sure to comply with market state, be attentive and focused.
The amateur traders who shift from demo to real trading accounts are very sooner trapped into fear that he/she might make a faulty decision and lose all the capital. In demo accounts the money is virtual so the confidence to trade is high.
The emotions of panic are not confined to the novice traders; even the skilled traders can give in to fear. So how do the deals occur when there is fear? Rather than ignoring the problem, the better approach is to examine and solve it. Following are some recommended methods for dealing with fears of trading.
Firstly, practice your feelings. Make sure they don’t coincide with your trade decisions. Forex trade puts a lot of stress on a trader so very few stay in the market and carry out successful trades. Feelings have a substantial impact on the traders and if not harnessed it can result in major financial losses.
Try trading with an indifferent attitude. The hardest task which also is the recipe of prosperous trade is devising personalized trading systems based on the rules and requirements of the individual trader.

For a trader the greatest fear of all is losing the entire capital. To avoid this anxiety disorder is to change one’s attitude towards it. By employing methods of meditation, autosuggest or persuasion a trader can think positively about outcomes. For carrying out trade operations it is essential to act while being in a positive state of mind and not let fear drive you towards failure.
Trade in regular successions else you’re headed toward loss. Avoid taking hasty and uncalculated actions. The deal ought to be planned with extreme conscientiousness with 99% probability of expected results. And the decision of action must be your own. Do not trust blindly in the amateur forecasts from forums or some pro expert’s analytical articles (experts are also humans and humans are prone to making mistakes).
Lastly, make efforts on daily basis to improve your trading attitude and skills till you reach perfection. The required confidence would come automatically turning the luck in your favour.
A trader must carry within the belief of making profits out of trade. All speculators have equal chances of becoming prosperous traders. If you are positively minded individual, feeling the passion to trade, and are willing to take responsibility of all your trade actions, then you certainly would make a prosperous trader in the Forex market, prepared to deal with all the hurdles in your path of Millions.
My advice How to quit your fears in forex trading :
Do not be greedy! Make Pillow test.
DO not try to enter in every position – wait for right moment.
Do not trade against trend without some trigger (important level, RSI trendline breakout, opening range break etc.)
Make strategy and plan and follow them.