How to find the best forex affiliate program ?

With so many different Forex affiliate programs out there, how can you find the best Forex affiliate program for you? These do make money and pay their affiliates very well. There are different things to consider when it comes to choosing the right program for you. One thing to bear in mind when promoting programs is that you use the program that you are promoting. This allows you to give a clear and concise opinion to those that ask you. You can also recommend the product more easily if you us it.

Ideas that will give you an indication of a good program are as follows: Per revenue payments, reporting tools, banners and other promotional material, top quality product, first time bonus deposit, cost per lead and second tier affiliate programs.

My top Forex affiliate programs based on criterias above are :
Avatrade Avapartner affiliate program
Instaforex affiliate program
XM affiliate program
Hotforex partner program
Fxpro affiliate program
Etoro partners affiliate program

These are some of the best programs if they have these incorporated into their affiliate program. Taking a look at the per revenue payments, a program like this will allow commission for sales of their product. You can choose your option in this case of remuneration. Every time your referrers makes a successful trade, you get paid. It is a great way to make money.

Reporting tools can tell you at a glance how you are doing. Any program that allows you to track multiple items such as deposits, impressions and clicks is a great program to work with. Most successful affiliate programs will have their banners and promotional material. If it doesn’t then you should choose another program. It is far easier to sell a top quality product than one that is not. Make sure the product you are selling is of top quality. A program that offers First Time Bonus deposit is also a good program.
This type of program pays you when someone you refer to them makes their first deposit. A lot of affiliate groups have this option available and this can make you money as the deposits can be high. Some programs will also match your bonus making you even more money. Taking a look at the cost per lead for programs can also be of value. Each program will pay you a different amount per lead. You get paid when someone registers using you as a referral. The pay can range from .50 to 2.00 or higher depending on the program you are looking at.

Second tier programs are also well worth looking at when you are finding the best Forex affiliate program. A second tier program basically allows you to refer affiliates. Commission rates can go as high as 20 percent for each referral. Any program that has all of these items in it is a great affiliate program to get started with. Take a look at what is offered and use an affiliate program that suits with what you are trying to promote. You may find that one or several programs work well with your ideas. You can use as many or as few as you choose to. Research your possibilities.