How to do forex trading using and Fundamental and Technical Analysis in the same time – free forex course video

Many forex traders think that all forex traders must be part divided into Fundamental forex traders and Technical Analysis traders. So you need to choose. And most traders use only Technical Analysis because Fundamental analysis needs high education and years to learn global market rules, track Macroeconomic News.
But only strategy when you use Fundamental and Technical Analysis is perfect.

In the last 10 minutes of this vode you will see practical use of this strategy :

Steps :
1) Know the current enviroment – use technical indicators to get Technical activity data, chart and fundamental data –
2) Indetify Dominant Trend – using charts and fundamental informations
3) The Catalist – Event Risk (fundamental news – economic calendar) and Pivot Points (technical analysis)

See example for AUD/USD dollar (september 2011 chart) in this video.

Enjoy !