How to Avoid Trading Mistakes – Free Forex Training Course Video

This is special Free Forex Training Course Video from FXCM Expo 2011.

What we can see in this video :
1) You will learn about forex pillow test.
2) YOu can not trade without forex strategy.
3) What type of trading you suits the best.
4) How to keep your eye on the Big picture.
5) How to use forex Risk management.
6) Learn 4 type of trading : scalping, range trading, event risk and trend.
7) Biggest trading mistake : Keep losing trade very long !!!
8) Evan you scalping – trend is your friend.
9) Do not use a lot of forex indicators – they usually show simmilary things.Oscialtors always show data from past not forecast
10) Short traders when scalping : do not trade during big events, look economic calendar and avoid swings.
11) Never average a loss – don’t open several trades in the same losing direction !!!
12) Long trader tip : try to avoid breakout trades without price conformation.
13) You make trade. you put stop loss and you put limit. In one moment price is against you. you panic. You close trade.This is very often mistake. Don’t left your strategy. Don’t chaise moves.