Hotforex forex demo contest

The HotForex Contest – forex competition
The HotForex contests have two types
1. Virtual to Real’ DEMO Contest
2. HotForex Top Affiliate Competition
Both of these contests are based on demo-accounts and do not require any investment from the participants
HotForex Bonus

1. Virtual to Real’ DEMO Contest
The HotForex ‘Virtual to Real’ DEMO Contest is a trading competition that is entirely based on the trading activities of the demo accounts. Due to this, all participants can take part in this contest without investing their money. This means that there is no monetary risk attached to the contestants in this contest. In this contest, participants can get real prizes without putting their money at stake. In addition to this, The HotForex Virtual to Real’ DEMO Contest allow its participants to show their trading ability and skills that can help them to enter into the Forex business by winning this competition.
Model of the HotForex ‘Virtual to Real’ DEMO Contest
All the participants are evaluated in different rounds. Each round takes not more than one calendar month. The total prize fund amount of this competition is 3,500 USD which is distributed among all the top winners. At the end of the competition, the three top earners get the title of winners and are awarded with the real prizes. This competition begins by initial virtual deposit of 100,000. This amount will be given at the staring of the competition. When the potential contestant will get their virtual deposit and conduct their virtual trading activities then the top earners will get the prizes of real money.
2. HotForex Top Affiliate Competition
The HotForex Top Affiliate Competition is exclusively designed to provide additional reward and bonuses to valuable partners and affiliates. The foundation of this competition is based on the idea to give a token of appreciation to all those affiliates and partners who have worked hard and proved themselves in the trading business.
All the potential affiliates are allowed to register for this HotForex Top Affiliate Competition at any time during the time span of the competition. Each contest takes one calendar to complete. This competition begins on the 1st of the month and ends on the last working day of the month.
The affiliate’s participant is required to conduct their trading activities and the contestant who will get the maximum trading revenue during the month will be announced as the winner. The top 5 earners will come in to the list of the winners. All the winners from 1st position to the 5th position will share a monetary prize of $2000. This distribution is based on the rank of the winners.
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