Getting Started in Technical Analysis by Jack D. Schwager – trading book review

Getting Started in Technical Analysis by Jack D. Schwager

In order to gain better insight and understanding the market, one needs to be familiar with technical analysis. By accomplishing that level of knowledge, the doors to many possibilities are opened.
Jack Schwager – as one of the most acknowledged person in the world of stocks, funds and what not market – reveals the “secrets” of becoming a successful investor. He brings you clear explanation of basis of trends, trading ranges, stops, entry and exit and pyramiding approaches. This book is filled with many examples, and with simple explanations it is a wonderful tool for improving your decisions in connection with the trading system.
This book doesn’t just provide you with Schwager’s explanations of trading rules and market, but it also gives you a thorough coverage types of charts-bar, trading systems-trend-following, counter-trend pattern recognition, charting and analysis software-price data issues, software research, risk control strategies, establishing a trading routine and likes of that.