Getting Started in Chart patterns by Thomas Bulkowski – Trading book review

Getting Started in Chart patterns by Thomas Bulkowski
A book “Getting Started in Chart patterns” will bring Chart patterns closer to you in a way you can understand, and with the information that you can really apply in your working habits.

One of the most popular and one that ranks amongst most used investing tools is obviously chart patterns. In this book you will learn all the basics in very simple language, about using technical chart patterns. The book is supported with expert insights and advice.
Whether you are a new or experienced trader, you will find that this book brings you the identification of specific chart patterns.
This second edition brings additional charts for ETF’s and Mutual fund. You will find new chart information, more than 40. Also, you will be presented with trading tactics that you can apply with the new charts.
The Author will guide you through some real trades expressed in dollar amounts, as he navigates through interesting anecdotes twenty-five years professional trades. You will see from the first person how he dwelled in business and became one of the most successful investor.
Thomas Bulkowski is rated as a true expert for chart reading. He is highly regarded as one of the best, and by many he is categorized as a class for himself.
Barbara Rockefeller says that her job is always better done after reading his books, because it is very practical and easy to read and to understand book where you learn from real actual examples.