Futures – Fundamental Analysis by Jack D. Schwager trading book review

Futures: Fundamental Analysis by Jack D. Schwager

You will find those who have read this book strongly suggest for all futures traders to read. More education from the expert Jack D. Schwager brings you the most thorough read on use of fundamental analysis for futures trading. Schwager’s long and successful career was what made this book so good and a-must-have. His career is a very firm background for his authority in this field.

This book is worth every penny, because you don’t have to look more for a highly reliable source about using fundamental analysis. It can’t turn you overnight into a great trader, but it will guide you and be something you lean on while learning your own way through the world of trading.
This book, as every other Jack Schwager’s book is clear and easy to follow.
Whomever you ask about this Schwager’s work, they will tell you that you will only be sorry for not having it earlier. Most of his works see a great success, and his Market Wizards truly hit the ceiling in the field of finance. This analysis for futures trading is heading towards the similar success.

Talking about this book more concretely, it is about applying analytical techniques to actual price forecasting in futures.
Charts, tables and many examples will give you a clearer picture of everything explained in a simple and conceivable language anyway.