ForexBall™ Forex Demo Contest

ForexBall™ Trading Competition
ForexBall™ is considered to be the one of the top trading competition that is conducted at the international level. This competition is basically based on Admiral Markets demo accounts of the members. You can also make extra earnings by using just virtual accounts. It provides you an amazing opportunity to earn real income from our great prize offerings up to $54000.
Details of ForexBall™ Trading Competition
This ForexBall™ trading competition includes traders from various countries from all around the globe. This competition requires different traders of the selected countries to make 6 geographical regions. And then participants in these geographical areas are supposed to compete with each other in all rounds. This contest is typically conducted in standard seasons. All the participants get informed before the competition starts. Usually, participants for this contest are selected from the following divisions
• Eastern Europe
• Northern Europe
• Russia and CIS
• Western Europe
• East Asia
• Southeast Asia
Rounds of the ForexBall™ Trading Competition
This ForexBall™ competition is divided into 4 different rounds. Each round has its own requirements and policies. These 4 rounds act like a screening procedure. At the end of each round, participant with low scores get eliminated so that top players can compete with each other in the last round.
The first 3 rounds of the competition are standard rounds. In order to take part in these rounds, every trader has to begin with $5,000 in demo money. These participants are free to trade in any currency so that they can earn as much profit as they want to. Before the contest begins, all the potential contestants are divided into different regions. This grouping is based on the geographical locations of the participants. In all 3 standard rounds, contests have to compete against those contestants who are living in the same region. Top 5 earners of each standard round are considered to be the winners. These winners are then awarded with the prizes based on money. These prizes are given to the winners of each region.

Prize Detail of First 3 rounds
In the first 3 standard rounds, top 5 traders get the prize money. The winner who stands at 1st position get $1000 prize. The trader of 2nd position earns $500. The winner having 3rd position achieves $300 while the contest that stands at 4th and 5th position gets $100.
4th Round: Gold Rush Round
After the results of the first 3 rounds, all the winners take part in the last round. This fourth round is named as “Gold Rush” round as traders can only compete with each other by using Gold in their demo accounts. This round is different from all other standard rounds. In this “Gold Rush” round all contestants compete with each other at the same time. This competition is not based on the division of the regions. As this fourth round is completed, only top 5 earners out of all contestants are announced as winners.
Final Round
The ForexBall™ trading competition offers a great opportunity for its contestants. In addition of getting monetary prizes at the end of each round, the top winners of each round also get a chance to automatically get placed in the “Winners Brackets”. After the completion of 4 rounds, there is another competition that takes place in all the contestants of “Winner Brackets”. This round is considered to be the final round of the competition. Only 125 contestants out of thousand participants get an opportunity to get selected for this final round. This competition of Winner Brackets contestants typically occurred at the end of the year.
Prizes of the Final Round
There are only three prizes that are announced at the end of the final round. The contestant who considered to be the top winner of this contest gets $5000. The contest who achieves 2nd position gets $3000. Lastly, the trader who stands at 3rd position gets $2000.