Forex Trading on Top with InstaForex

InstaForex has always put in an extra effort in supplying its customers and associated with the top quality services. The high quality services like the usability of the trading terms, variety of tools, highly skilled customer support, personalized support for every customer irrespective of his/her trade volume, speedy execution of deals, etc. has made it unavoidable for the InstaForex to land in the top brokers of Forex trade market.
New Heights Seen
Two of InstaForex Company’s clients, Pavel Golubev and Evgeny Okhrimenko, mounted all the five peaks of the Breithorn in the Pennine Alps. And at 4165 meters i.e. 13661ft above sea level, on Western Summit Mountain’s top, the leading mountaineer pegged a flag showing off InstaForec Company’s logo.
Besides that, from one of the mountain peaks, owing to a direct line of sight visibility of a nearly located village known as Zermatt, cellular service was available through which an Internet connection was established. No, the InstaForex staff member nearly 40000 meters i.e. 13000ft from sea level did not connect to Internet for checking his corporate mailbox, or reach out to some customer or leave a message on Twitter. You see, Internet was a necessity for trade! So at that height, he downloaded IntraTrader (the terminal for trading) and dealt out two deals on GBP/USD and EUR/USD making a global record of the highest trade above the sea level.
During the climbing of the Alpine peaks, the two daredevils of InstaForex Company dealt with some difficult hindrances and challenging situations on their way. However despite the frosty slopes, the blinding sunlight and snow, they managed to peg the InstaForex flag and conducted successful trade using the IntraTrader. That was the objective of their adventure and they achieved it perfectly.

This daring event does not symbolize the courageous leisure past time interests of the InstaForex’s company’s staff rather it represents the ambition of the team to conquer the mountaineering peaks as well as trading.
New accomplishments of InstaForex are lined up ahead. Hand in hand with our customers and associates, we will succeed for sure!