Forex Social Networks – sell or buy forex signals

In these days ‘Forex Social Networks” are very popular among the Forex market’ traders. They had started with some unclear trend in 2010, but they have developed themselves into the most wanted and useful trading tools, in the online Forex market.

Now, you can easily share your results, compare and analyze and follow many trading systems, you can also socialize for sharing your sentiments related to the market’ current situation.

You can find a lot of social network sites in the Forex type. But here are only seven being mentioned because these are popular among the masses.

Top is :
Zulutrade social network where you can follow forex experts.


This is a first and most well-liked social network, its emphasis on performance analysis and community interconnection. The bad thing is you need to get registered yourself with it in order to have access to its features and it’s not available for your demo trading account, only real trading account holder can have access to its features. Indeed, this restriction keeps away some traders.

Dukascopy social network
This social network is made by forex broker Dukascopy. There are a lot of forex traders that share ideas, free systems, signals, forex JForex strategies.


It seems over the internet, because EA frequently provides links to performance pages in the social network. The best thing about it is that you don’t need to get registered with it for browsing the trading strategies. , the community ‘interest has been seen in Myfxbook, along with some very interesting strategies, it is getting hundreds of reviews and comments. One more important thing Myfxbook does not differentiate between real accounts and demo accounts.


This site is usually considered as a replica of Myfxbook, but it has its own user-friendly interface and style of trading system. But as you know, the main power source of any social network is a community, as far as the community is concern this site is not able to compete with Myfxbook. At present it is serving as a strategic analysis tool.

Meet Pips

Its design is very good but, it is not an active site, however it is a good network, you can join it and have some unique and useful features, like, trading status, trading journal and trading plan. When you compare it trading stats analysis with others previous social networks, you come to know about its poor performance.

Forex Factory

It is a big Forex forum that has had the qualities of an efficient Forex social network, such as market sentiment socialization, trading performance tracking and community.