Forex Market and Short-Term Trends in forex trading

It is not a surprising thing in saying that Forex market moves in a very fast way. One of the short-term trends that make traders to enter the trade is due to this strong strategy.
Most of the traders are interested in holding the trades only for some few minutes and for few hours and among them day-trade and by-trade are more common and are looked by most of the traders.
This strategy may be understandable by the traders and therefore traders do not hold overnight positions and with this they can control the element which otherwise may not be able to feel. So traders can easily decide to add risk or take risk off to the trade by taking advantage of movement of ‘good’ and even the market is deviated then your expectation.
In order to focus and take advantage of the trading strategy and situation of trading known as ‘Finger Trap’ developed to make a strong trend in the elements. And some of the elements that are strong can generally push the trades in one-sided movement.
Short-term and Long-term Charts
Short-term charts generally puzzled most of the traders because they are only for some few period sizes ranging only an hourly bar and due to scalping desire by the traders they are understandable.
Short-term charts as compared to the longer-term charts are often puzzled and this is due to the reason that only a little information is available like only for 1 day or only for 1 week.
Before making any attempt to scalp a pair all you need is to know the ‘strongest’ trend and you can locate this by analysing and observing the charts shown every hour and by finding the trend that is the ‘strongest’.
And for doing all these things you need to use some factors such as 2 Exponential Moving Averages: the 34 period EMA and The 8. The addition of 2 Moving Averages in the trend chart is given below.
The Minute and Hourly Chart
It is true that while trading most of traders want to make money in a short period of time and therefore most of the scalpers jump and get started on the minute chart like for 5 and a maximum of 15 minutes. But not all trading results positively therefore knowing the trend, currency pair, support and resistance and also other factors are very important so before putting your hard-earned money into risk one should analyse the hourly chart at least. With this you can jump to 5 minute chart if you are comfortable with hourly chat.
Risk Management
Managing risk in trading is one of the important things and you can manage this by observing and maintaining the charts from 5 minute chart to hourly chart.
Therefore in order to secure your hard earned money you should not scalp but you should place a long trade. Following short-term trend will only lead to loss since risk is high. Therefore scalpers should be very careful about the fast markets exhaust and also the balance in their account.