Forex Currency Symbols

Overseas Currency Symbols

Overseas currencies like the equities have their symbols that distinguish each other. As the overseas currencies are generally quoted in accordance with the terms of value of a single currency against value of other pair of currency include name for both the currencies which are detached by “/”.
“Name” is an acronym made of three letters. In most of the cases, the initial two letters reserved for the identification of the nation. Preceding letter is the initial letter of the currency unit for that specific nation.
Some popular instances are:
USD which stands for United State Dollar
GBP signifying Great Britain pound
The JPY stands for Japanese Yen
CHF means Confederatio Helvetica
CAD stands for Canadian dollar
AUD signifies Australian dollar
NZD means New Zealand dollar

As new European Euro does not have any specific nation attached, it moves simply by an acronym EUR. By joining a single currency, EUR, with other USD, you develop a pair of currency USD/EUR.