Forex contests

Here are some reviews of Forex brokers that offer demo contest where you can play with virtual money and win real prizes in real money!

Alpari Forex contests
The contest is about earning maximum profits and having minimum losses. Every level will go on for eleven weeks and there are four rounds. The award for winning each stage is 31520USD. The jack pot is a PAMM account and 50,000.00 USD. There are 25 individuals that will be awarded.
Big prizes are a guarantee that the contest will be attended by very professional traders.

2.2 Formula Fx
This contest will have a weekly stage and an award of 1,600.00 USD. Ten individuals will be awarded. This competition is very brief, but every stage lasts for one week and it is possible to win multiple times. The rules are easy to understand, but for winning, maximum profits will have to be obtained.
2.3. Full Throttle
This competition has maximum volume of trading for the main goal. Every stage continues for two weeks and the reward is 4,650 USD for every stage. Ten individuals will have opportunity to be awarded. The aim is to have the maximum volume of trading, which means that a contestant will be successful upon attaining the maximum volume. This doesn’t require the contestant to win or lose, just to attain max volume of trading.

2.3. Virtual reality
This contest has each stage continued for eleven weeks, and there are four rounds. Every round gives contestants opportunity to win 5,940 USD. At the year’s end there will be a major award, and that is 10,000 USD in a PAMM account. There are going to be 15 participants who will be awarded for success. This is a nice opportunity to win real money with no real money invested by your side. You will trade in demo account and the results will be given based on profit percentage, the percentage of relative drawdown and the factor of profit.
3. Deltastock forex broker contest
This gives you an opportunity to trade at demo account with 50,000.00 Euros. You can trade with currency, oils, share and gold and you can be awarded with a 5 grand Euros of real world money by obtaining the maximum balance for demo account. The success is going to be rated against other contestants’ success on monthly basis.
Ten successful contestants will be awarded; the first one with five hundred Euros of live account money, the second one with 300 Euros, the third with 200 Euros, and the rest with a hundred Euros each.

4. Dukascopy contests
The Dukascopy Trading forex contest
The winning prize in this contest is 15,000.00 USD each month. The beneficiator is Dukascopy Bank that enables contestants to win this money. The Dukascopy wants to attract professionals, analyzing personals and people who could interact with them. It is a Forex trading contest that is being conducted on a demo accounts. The point is to trade without manually, and automatic trade is banned. There are more bans in this contest. The major aspect is to comment on every operating form and explain the concepts related to the trade. Comments are then collected into a private blog that each contestant has. Ranking and thus choosing the winner is being done by summarizing trade related progress of each contestant, the fame of the blog that will be each visible to readers and the advice of experts. The competition is being held monthly with 15,000.00 USD as a reward that is being distributed among the successful participants.
Some of the restrictions are those that only those traders who have 100000 dollars can register. The platform that can only be used is Java, which means that iPhone and internet foundations are banned. Marketing the blog is also not allowed if there are no comments present from the associated contestant. The minimum lot for trading is currency units of 100000. If the contestant wants to open up to five instruments on simultaneous basis, that’s allowed, and only one position is allowed to open a particular instrument. During the competition, minimum of ten positions should be opened by each participant, and every position that doesn’t possess TP and SL allotted order won’t pass. Open price related to Euro or Dollar should not cross 2 percent boundary of profits and limiting losses.
If near ten pips in relation to the price of market and entrance price, it is not allowed taking profit and stopping loss. As for altering the order of SP and TP in the way of trading, it is allowed, where as cancelling the settled SL and TP isn’t.
After each month, one contestant will be selected from four nominees that have scored a total of 300 pts.

4.2 Dukascopy Forex Article Contests
This contest has been made for those who wish to write on Forex. To participate, one needs to write about forex. This competition should promote analytical wualities of those who participate, and should also point out those who can reflect their ideas by words.
The way to participate differs from other contests as there are no stages of trading. The point is to summ written materials and sees how people share their Forex concepts. This contest bores a great source for those who take part in other competitions.
How it works is that each participant can post four of his products in one period of contest. The staff then transfers the written samples to the webpage of the competition after the work has been checked. The reached audience of each work will give the rankings, visits, and most of all the reviews of professional traders. This is a monthly competition with 15000 USD price budget that is being distributed among the participants.
In order for the work to take a part in the contest is to be written in English and it should be about Forex, it can contain graphics and other helping things. The word count should vary from 400 to 1500 words. Images from Dukascopy’s Forex community are not allowed to be used in the contesting works. Each registered contestant can post four articles per month – one per week.
The way the contest is being rank with points (300 pts) is that the first thing being considered is fame of the work. The fame can give the contender a hundred points for four works.
The response is evaluated as follows
The amount of internet protocol arrivals to the written works- thirty percent, the comments have similar weightage
The total number of comments – thirty five percent
The total counting of votes – thirty five percent

As for the quality of work, the text should be to some extent literal, grammatically as accurate as possible. It should be easy to understand – and that means the content should be connected to the title, subtitles should make sense, the whole work must be written in a way that a reader to understand the point, at least.
The twenty passing works will be examined by the Ducascopy comity which is consisted of experts.
4.3. Dukascopy Strategy Contests
This competition has a total of 15000 USD budget for awards each month. The goal of the competition is to make a profiting automated trade plan. The contesters must make their own trade algorithms and start the competition against a live account. To register for the competition, you must have a strategy that can pass through the process of registration.
This competition uses demo account for automated trade. The competition is actually programmed in a way that can make clean challenge.
The rankings will be based on the overall success of contestant’s trade performances, upon how popular their strategies are and the expert’s evaluation of their work. The participants submit the files of their strategy to the server that will run them. What contestants can do is to describe the algorithm strategies and comment on private blogs. The members will be able to read them, analyze and evaluate by rating or commenting. The competition holds on every month and the total cash for the award that is being split is 15000 USD.

The way to calculate work for the evaluation is this; four nominated participants every month will have to have 350 pts. Enhancing capital must be of at least 100pts score. The popularity cannot be lower than 25 pts. Number of visitors that visit by internet protocol address will give the number of points, each visit gives a point. Then, the total comments that are found in the private blog. Those participants who have the copyrights for strategy are awarded bonus scores in the beginning.
The team of organizers will thoroughly examine all the details in order to check if there is any copied material, and if there should be such a case, the bonus points will be erased.

5. FXOpen forex contests

This contest is for those who are able to trade in the international markets and install trade terminals MetaTrader4 on PCs or phones. This competition called “FX Market Masters” is being held each month on a demo account with no risk involved whatsoever. If your work turns out to be good, you can have a PAMM ECN account opened with the account balance up to 1200 USD.
Trading with virtual cash in this case can get you real money. This competition is being organized monthly so that every contestant can have a chance to win the prizes.
For the time of six years, traders managed to get PAMM ECN account and earn some money through these competitions. Winning a competition can get you serious money for starting your Forex trading. This very same organizer has started another competition that doesn’t cost to take a part in. without placing any deposit into your account, but just registering for an account. If you turn out to be the winner, the money that you win will turn into real money on your account to trade with for real.
On the first day, the contestants get 500 USD each. The point is to earn as much as possible in five days. The one who earns most of the money wins. The eight day the prizes are being distributed. The first prize is 250 USD plus bonus, second is a hundred dollars, the third is 75 dollars, all with bonuses. In order to get a bonus, one must have profits greater than 70%. Participation doesn’t cost anything and the starting deposit is worth 5000 dollars with 1:100 leverages. It is possible to have twenty lots on currency pairings; single order can open single lot. The limits for number of orders is three, and advisor is not allowed, neither are locks.
In order to be awarded, the participants should have five done trades and their volumes should be greater than five lots. They must show minimum single message in the forums. After meeting the demands, the withdrawal is optional for you to conduct after thirty days. You are required to do twenty trades, one per ten minutes. After that, you can withdraw your cash by any system of payments that is available for you.

6. The HotForex ‘Virtual to Real’ DEMO Competition

This contest is being held only on demo accounts. Therefore, money can’t be lost here for sure, but on the other hand, possibility for winning some is there.
This competition is consisted of a number of stages, and each stage lasts for a month. The prize is 3500 USD.
Virtual deposits are here equal to cash. Our affiliate here brings us lots of value and great respect. Therefore we organized this competition, to show them respect.
Additional rewards for partners and affiliates are present. They can get free time any moment during the competition.
The competition itself lasts for 30 days, as it begins by the first day of each month and ends on the last day of that month. In order to be considered a successful competitor, one must have maximum commissions in connection to trade payouts. Total of 2000 USD will be distributed among the five best competitors.
7. Instaforex contests
In this Forex related competition, the prize for the most successful participant will be a sports car Lotus Evora. This kind of a car was actually won in 2015 by a contestant in a competition as this one is. In order to participate in this year’s competition, one must have some patience, as the competition is actually going to last for two years; from June 2015, to June 2015. Participants must have minimum 1000USD deposited to contest, and of course, valid registration for the campaign. The winner will be determined upon clear algorithms utilizing the lotus numbers. That number will be gotten by the latest five figures from the rate of five prominent currencies’ rates.
For more detailed information about the participation in this contest please visit the official website.
InstaForex Company gives these great rewards that are worth more than half a million dollars for the members of this huge institution.
InstaForex gives away cars or coupes on a yearly basis. The reason that they do so is to encourage those who have huge trading potential to be better, and a competition is a way to make good better. The contestants can participate in several campaigns, but only if they have special trade bonus. In order to take a part, one must pass required procedure to get registered.
InstaForex also offers different gadgets, like cell phones, iPads, iPhones, and other tabs from Samsung and blackberry. In order to compete for these cool gadgets, the registration will require you to have a deposit of at least 500 USD.
The competition takes place from live account and the time is restricted to 2 weeks. If your account becomes successful in coinciding with the device’s numbers, then you are considered a winner.
Those who register will get into a list for three stages that will all take place in two weeks time.
InstaForex gave a Porsche Cayenne for a reward for the winner of a competition that took place from September 8th 2015 to September 27th 2015. The requirement for participating in this competition was to have a deposit of at least 1500 USD.
To decide the winner, observed manner utilizing the Porsche numbers were used.
This was evaluated based upon the five latest figures of five prominent rates of currency.
In order to participate were to have at least 1500 USD deposit, or for the club members, a thousand dollars were enough to have on your account.
For more detailed explanation, please visit the official website.
InstaForex Company gives these great rewards that are worth more than half a million dollars for the members of this huge institution.
InstaForex gives away cars or coupes on a yearly basis. The reason that they do so is to encourage those who have huge trading potential to be better, and a competition is a way to make good better. The contestants can participate in several campaigns, but only if they have special trade bonus. In order to take a part, one must pass required procedure to get registered.

Instaforex contest – InstaForex Sniper 2015

Participation in this competition required contestants to have a demo account with deposits bigger than 10,000 USD. The contest lasted for a week and the prizes were worth 1500 USD. The trades were conducted on a demo account. Those who succeeded in making the biggest deposit were proud winners.

Instaforex contest – Instaforex contest – Lucky Trader

This competition required contestants to have a starting deposits at least 30000 USD on their demo accounts. The competition was set to last for two weeks and the prize was 3000 USD. The success of the candidates were judged upon the ratings calculated by adding and subtracting the profit pips.

Instaforex contests: InstaForex Great Race 2015

This competition required contestants to have a starting deposits at least 20000 USD on their demo accounts. The competition was set to last for a month time, and it takes place every month. The prize is 6000 USD. When the competition ends, all trades are shut down, and the ones that have the largest deposit are considered successful.

Instaforex contest: Miss Insta Asia 2015

This competition requires you to be a woman in order to participate. 40,000 USD is the budget for rewards that will be distributed among the winners. Winners will get their points by taking votes through the internet.
In order to have more details about this competition, please visit the official website.

Instaforex contest: One Million Option

This competition is being conducted through the demo account, so you have to have one with a starting of a thousand dollars deposit. The competition lasts for one week, and the winning prize is 1500 USD. The contestants get 10 points for earning money, and they are taken away 10 points when they lose. When the competition ends, the contestant that has the highest rating is becoming a winner.
Instaforex contests – FX-1 Rally
This competition takes place every week. The contestants must have a deposit of 10000 USD. Each contest takes place inside the 24 hours. Those contestants who get huge deposits after the competition ends are winners.

8. Nordfx Demo Cup forex contests
Nordfx Demo Cup

This is a free entry contests, and since 2015, it takes place every month. Each month contestants can win 3500 USD. Yearly award sums at 4200 USD. Those who want to participate in this competition must have a practice account.
At the end of every month, those who have the major profits through the course of two weeks are winners.
Ten extra consolation awards are being handed to ten participants who are selected randomly. Only those who have real trade accounts can use their awards; this means that you can withdraw your money only from a real live account.
Awards for the phase of every month
1st placed participant will get $1 000, 2nd gets $700, 3rd places will get $500, 4th one $200, 5th placed will gain $100, 6th position will get $100, 7th position will get $100, 8th position will get $100, 9th position will get $100, 10th position will get $100.
9.XM contest - FXarena contest, or xemarkets holds a monthly competition. In order to compete here, you must be at least a demo trader, or a real trader. The price is 20,000 in cash for those who trade for real, and for demo traders, the prize is 10000 USD. In order to participate in August, you must finish your registration in July.

Avatrade Forex contests and Promotions

Avatrade does not have a demo contest for free; their contest is being held only for real traders. Avaforex trading platform has an option where real players trade for you. There is a Mirror trader platform where you can have expert trades to do the job for you. You can try it out and see how it goes. In your demo account you will have access to the statistics of previous several months, percentages of winnings, profits, drawdown and more. Upon that information, you can decide which expert you wish to follow, and as he makes a trade, you will see at your account the same trade. Whenever he does something, by following him, you will do that too. That way you can learn step by step what an expert does.Check more promotions in avatrade review article.