Forex contest and Malaysian beauties at instaforex

Malaysian beauties has a corner in hearts of “Miss Insta Asia” contest fans
This time we managed to get an interview with Nadia Sabrina, a contender for the Forex lady title in Miss Insta Asia contest where nearly half of the Malaysian citizens are taking her side. As our expectations, Nadia proved out to be not merely a beautiful Asian girl but one with brains.
Nadia is taking courses on Logistic Management. When asked about it she said that she believes that by taking up challenges we give a meaning to our live and know where our weaknesses lie and so we can improve them. Not only that, her parents too recommended taking up the course. She believes that on every hard path there does lay a victory. In her leisure time she likes to read novels and other books on self development.
When we asked her as to how she learnt about Miss Insta Asia and what exactly compelled her to participate, she said, she learnt about it from her boyfriend who asked her to simply try her luck. She had no hopes of winning since she thought there plenty of more beautiful girls. Miss Insta Asia is the first time Nadia has participated in any contest of this nature.
When asked what she looks for in a person, she revealed that she digs the traits of honesty and level of determination in a person. She’s not been on any adventures in her life but she hope to have some thrilling ventures. So far the craziest thing she’s done in her life is going on a trip without her parents knowing about it. ?
She’s currently not linked to Forex but she hopes to work on it in future to earn extra income. She thinks she’s not confident enough for trading at the moment and secondly she has to focus on her studies first.
Regarding the trading activities in Malaysia, she thinks that although Forex is becoming popular in her country, she still needs to witness a person growing rich from it.
Regarding features in Asian women that set them apart from all the rest in the world, she said its probably because of the smoother skin.
Regarding her competition in the contest, she commented that since there are all pro models in there it doesn’t seem fair to call it a competition. When asked why she thinks the InstaForex online visitors should vote for her, she said, that she believes in natural beauty, and looking pretty because of some perfectly applied make-up is not it. She’s not used make-up in most of her pictures.
Her present dream is to her personal sports car.
So Nadia we really wish InstaForex helps you get to your dream. We request all traders of Malaysia to support their fellow citizen. We wish her all the best and that she walks amongst the winners.