Forex brokers affiliate programs vs. binary options affiliate programs

If you have website or you like to promote website using social networks or forums our suggestion is to join to some forex affiliate program.
First let we see this facts about gambling industry :
Fact 1 : You earn as affiliate if gambler lose money at casino.
Fact 2 : You can earn 25%-35% when gambler lose money.
If somebody lose money in gambling you will earn money as promoter.

Facts about forex affiliate programs :

Fact 1 : You can not lose money as forex affiliate.
Fact 2 : You will earn money from rebate commission. If trader trades with more lots you will earn ore money.
fact 3 : This is win win win situation. If traders earn money at forex broker company than forex broker will earn more money from commission and you as affiliate will earn more money as promoter. All 3 sides will earn money.
Fact 4 : Forex is bussiness and you can promote this bussiness on every search engine, all website without restriction.Gambling is prohibited very often in a lot of countries.

Binary options is as same as gambling with one different thing : In betting you bet on sports, in casino gambling you bet on casino games and in binary options you bet on prices (will prices rise or fall).

Binary options affiliate commission example :
In binary options client deposit $1000.
He wins and earn $500. You will have as affiliate -$125. (25% from $500 is $125.)
Now binary options trader lose 5 trades in a row and lose $1500.Lose all money. You will have in your affiliate account $250 ((-$125) +( $1500*0,25)= $375-$125 = $250).

How are Forex Affiliate Commissions Calculated – Revenue Share Calculation for Spread Based Brokers :
Forex broker affiliate commission example :
Trader deposit $1000.Your revenue share deal is 25%.
Trader sell EURUSD using 0.1 lot. Spread is 2 pips for this currency pair (other currency pairs have bigger spread).
If you trade 0.1 lot for 1 pip you will get $1.
So you as affiliate will get from this trade 2 pips * 0,25 * $1 = $0,5

If trader for one month makes 50 trades using 0.1 lot size than you will earn 50*0,5=$25.

Suggestion :
Our suggestion are this forex brokers and binary options brokers :
Anyoption affiliate program
Instaforex partner program
Avapartner forex affiliate program
Hotforex forex affiliate program

Conclusion :

If you like idea where all business people should earn money and if you don’t like gambling you should promote forex brokers industry. You can not earn money fast in forex trading affiliate programs as you you can in binary options affiliate programs.
95% of all traders lose money. So gambling and binary options very often bring affiliates huge amount of money.
But for if you find good traders who know to earn money and invest smart than you will have huge profit every month.