Exhilway Finance started to Expand India Operations

Exhilway Finance, Canada based US $9 billion equity broking and wealth management enterprise will invest Rs 275 crore or US $60 million in India within next 3 years. Exhilway Finance is targeting to redefine Indian equity broking and wealth management sector and is already in partnership talks with few Indian brokerages primarily Almondz and SMC Global.

Exhilway Finance is also planning to launch private universities though the partners for this venture are yet to be finalized but the proposed investment is anywhere between Rs 120-Rs 160 crore. Industry experts say current Indian regulations limit the range of profitable business models available to corporates but private universities can be converted into profitable ventures once the industry is delicensed.

“Our focus is to become leader in financial arena; Indian market is highly unorganized and is dominated by few financial institutions thus investor is left with little on the table and with no choice at all. We aspire to become leader in brokerage and wealth management sector and within few months we will make trading on international exchanges easier for the Indian masses and commissions will be far less than what is being charged by Indian brokers for domestic stock exchanges and for education sector we are equally interested in setting up private universities which can transform education into a pleasant experience for both students and there guardians” said Rahul Malhotra, Managing Director of Exhilway Finance, India.