eToro with 1.5 million customers Completes Funding Round of $15 Million Led by Spark Capital

eToro gets on finance as of Spark Capital and present traders to fuel hotheaded growth, increase internationally and develop its public speculation network.
The world’s biggest investment network eToro has proclaimed that they have closed a 8.3 million dollar funding as of social leverage, Spark capital. In the last 2 years, rapid growth has been observed in eToro. It has 1.5 million customers in almost 130 countries.

It is the agenda of the Spark team to develop modern markets with leaders like Boxee, Twitter, Altius Education, 5Min, AdMeld, Tumblr and Verivue.
eToro is trying to break down the obstruction of difficult trading. It is eToro policy to make its customers able enough to check, distribute and copy the selective trader’s moves.
eToro increases social trading by way of market organizer program to recompense trading fineness
Individual acknowledgment for skilled trades is provided by the program of Market Leader. It also supports monitoring and teamwork.
Badges System is a program which is launched by eToro on 25th January, 2010. The traders who are highly successful get rewarded by Market Trader. Their reward is to give them a badge for their profile. The traders who are skilled and can become a role model for others are always appreciated by eToro. eToro also helps its customers who do not have much experienced by online chat and media sites. These traders are guided by professionals. Live chat makes it easy for traders to discuss different types of strategies with professionals and achieve great success in their business. Experienced traders and newcomers, both are welcomed by eToro. They are equally appreciated and guided step by step.
The program Market Leader can know the locality of its traders when they log in. They are checked and monitored by eToro. If they show good result, they get rewarded. Their reward depends upon their performance in the business field. The badges which are given to traders include top trader in crude oil, gold, trading of currency pairs like dollar vs. Euro. Now, the program of Market Leader is based on the region and the country of the trader. But it is finalized to make it on city base. In this way, the number of rewards will get increased.
Even etoro checks the work of traders on popular sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. So, the events which are shared here are opening of a trade, ending a profitable deal and copying from various traders.

eToro has the agenda to help the new traders by ending the barriers of multifaceted trade. Help them and communicate with them through chat and media sites. It is the motive of eToro to appreciate the traders who are showing excellent performance in their business. The reward is given to them. So, badges have posted on their profile for their excellent performance. The way of doing business and approach to economical markets has become easier by eToro.
eToro and its work
The world’s biggest network for investment is eToro. It has almost 1.5 million customers. These customers belong to almost 130 different countries. Each and every day, numberless accounts get opened. The revolution of social trading is now leading by eToro. It helps the investors to become professional in this field. The newcomers are always welcomed here. They can communicate with skilled members with the help of media sites and online chats. The traders which are performing their best are also getting rewarded by eToro. They are encouraged by getting badges in their profile. This trade is simple and accessible to all traders. The customers are offered indices, commodities and trade currencies. The best platform which eToro provides is the exchange of information among customers and sharing of knowledge.
Spark Capital and its work
Spark Capital can be known as a business enterprise which is based in Massachusetts and Boston. The main focus of investment is on the role of media, technology and entertainment. If we check the last 10 years, then we get to know that Spark is playing an influential role in the progress of newly made markets as well as the leaders of the markets like Novatel Wireless, 5Min, Aether Systems, Akamai Technologies, Altius Education, Tumblr, Verivue and AdMeld. The spark has great experience of trade and has 980 million dollars under its management.