Etoro Copytrader Review

Etoro Copytrader is a Forex signals platform that enables traders to follow other successful trader’s action, based on Etoro Copytrader review.

Let’s not forget to give an insight in eToro as a broker. This broker likes to consider itself as a good marketplace for the traders with experience and novice traders. More than 1.5 million users have chosen this platform, from over 130 countries worldwide. It is considered as one of the most famous networks these days.
eToro provides high level of liquidity to the traders. This platform is regulated and registered by the ASIC, CySEC, NFA, and CFTC. eToro offers trading news for its customers.

The registration process is simple, and the website has several languages versions. Chinese, Arabic, Swedish, Turkish are languages that eToro offers for its users, besides English of course, and other worldly language.
eToro has prepared several courses and training programs for new customers. The platform can firstly be tested with a demo account on which you can put your skills to the test with $10,000 of virtual money.

1. eToro Web Trader is an eToro option designed for building trading experience.
The platform is online based trading platform, with which users are enabled to trade from the browser. It still has many options and serious trading can be executed.

2. eToro OpenBook is a web-based platform, but it is on a higher level dan simple webtrader, as it enables the traders to communicate with each others. Traders can thus get experience and share information.

As for eToro Copytrader, extension of Openbook, let say that it enables following of other traders and copying their future trades. In order to copy other traders’ action, it is required to start eToro OpenBook and other dealers’ rankings. The trader you believe is the one to follow, you can bet 20 percent of your capital on that traader. For automatically following traders, you assign a certain amount to the trader. The amount represents that trader’s capital, so the percentage that trader invests is going to be the same you invest. There can be a maximum of 10 traders followed.

Android and Mobile Etoro trading is enabled on Etoro.

Special bonus :
Get $20 free forex money (free money) from etoro :
It sounds extremely enticing. Rather than constantly reading reports, attempting to draw results, and spending enough time with technical study of cost movements, you only copy the winning traders. Therefore, your mission is decreased to identifying the winning traders and, after that, copy their activities with the eToro Copytrader. It sounds like you might copy the most excellent chess player in the world and win each game.

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