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Deltastock forex online trading
If we read Deltastock review we can conclude that a number of Forex brokers are providing low predetermined spreads, easy trading stages and attractive bonuses but a very few among them provide the user-friendly edge which is regarded as a trademark of DeltaStock. By means of a low deposit rate for both standard accounts and ECN trading for protecting the safety of the investor, DeltaStock strive to meet the demands of both experienced as well as new traders. We have examined the advantages and disadvantages of DeltaStock and found certain things that are discussed below:
General Information: DeltaStock was founded in 1998 and has headquarters in several countries like Bulgaria and Sofia.
Trading Platform: DeltaStock provides traders an option to select any one among the Delta Trading, the self proprietary trading stage of the company and the Meta Trader4 which is acclaimed internationally. For getting the review of DeltaStock, we decided to test Delta trading to understand how it works. While testing, the first thing that we came to know about Delta Trading is it comprises of four disorganized panes. Each of these panes can be controlled separately.
The platform of Delta Trading provides both standard trading conditions and ECN forms in a one trading platform. The Level 2 of the trading platform is the perfect place for the traders searching for ECN trading. This can be conducted by using any among interactive brokers, FXCM, Duka scopy Bank, DeltaStock and Citibank. An important thing that should be kept in mind is that Delta Trading Platform can be downloaded and it is also available in web-based versions.
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Apart from the features discussed above, DeltaStock provides many other important features. For the beginners, the brokerage provides repeated trading competitions. People who are new to trading can take benefits from educational center. During the review of DeltaStock, we were glad to find that the brokerage not only provides articles related to Forex trading, but also offer necessary information regarding technical strategies. The update of DeltaStock trading is available through email and SMS. This shows the flexibility of DeltaStock.
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Customer Support: DealStock customer support can be reached through chat, phone and email. During our testing, we detected that the chat service of DeltaStock is fast and reliable. The phone lines of DeltaStock are opened from Monday to Friday between 9 am to 5 pm.

Ease of Use: DeltaStock creates an effort to offer necessary information about trading so that the person doing trading can select a perfect brokerage for correct reasons. The withdrawals and deposit can be made through MasterCard, Visa, wire transfer, Money Bookers and debit cards. While utilizing the platform of Delta Trading, we came across few learning curves, which is common while using a new trading platform. Once we found all the special features of this platform, all of us were surprised by seeing the easiness of the process.

Final Thoughts: At present DeltaStock does not accept traders from Japan, USA, Iran, North Korea, Iraq, Libya, Myanmar, Somalia and Zimbabwe because of their poor quality service. The various regulations helped in building self confidence from the initial stage and the several choices in trading platforms solidified our trading experiences.

Special bonus:
Deltastock is giving special trading bonus during the Christmas holidays.Get 30% special forex bonus.This Christmas forex bonus is for new and for old trading accounts as well.