Delivery – What is Delivery in forex?

What is Delivery?

Definition of Delivery: Delivery indicated by a trade is a situation in which both the sides create and take real delivery, no matter whether electronic or physical of the particular traded currencies, including the receipt of the rights of an owner and legal transfer. Delivery of cash is a similar day completion of trade in the trading market. This signifies that settlement and delivery of the transaction takes place on the similar date on which the currency is actually made. For this situation to take place, the position of the Forex trading should be closed and opened on the same day. When a person places a specific order in the trading market, the trading is carried on after some time, but the completion of the trades occurs at a different point of time. The details of the trade and trading party’s records are copied in a book. Moreover, the delivery of the cash also takes place in one day. The special rules can also be applied in the future contracts that specify the total money value of the specific position.